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Bring you knowledge! Basic definition and classification of skirting line

skirting line, as the name suggests, is the wall area that can be kicked by feet, so it is more vulnerable to impact. Making a skirting line can better make the connection between the wall and the ground firm, reduce the deformation of the wall, and avoid damage caused by external force collision. In addition, the skirting line is also easier to scrub. If the floor is splashed with dirty water, it is very convenient to scrub. In addition to its own function of protecting the wall, the skirting line also accounts for a considerable proportion in the proportion of home aesthetics. It is the contour line of the ground, and the line of sight often falls on it naturally. In general, the thickness of the skirting line out of the wall is 5mm-12mm or 8mm-15mm in decoration

skirting lines can be divided into the following types according to material:

1. Wood skirting lines: there are two kinds of solid wood and density board, and solid wood is very rare. The cost is high and the effect is good. During installation, attention should be paid to the phenomenon of arch camber caused by climate change in the future

2. PVC skirting line: it is a cheap substitute for wood skirting. Its appearance generally imitates that of wood skirting, and the effect of wood grain or paint is presented with veneer. It is cheap, but the veneer may fall off, and the visual effect is worse than that of wood skirting

3. Stainless steel skirting line: the cost is very high, and the installation is relatively complex, but it is durable, with almost no maintenance trouble, but it is generally only suitable for some modern style decoration. White, yellow, dark green mixed oil and metal match. The stainless steel skirting bio composite project has invested 2.2 billion yuan in skirting or aluminum skirting, which has become a part of this fashionable decoration

4. Ceramic tile or stone skirting line: it is relatively durable, but it is generally suitable for the room with stone or ceramic tile that is also used for the wall and can be explored to replace the composite material design to check the printability and the ability to cope with more irregular geometric shapes

5, PS polymer skirting line, instead of solid wood skirting line, stainless steel and its stone skirting line, essentially uses plastic polymer as the main material, and the surface is decorated with wood color or marble texture; The advantages are waterproof, wear-resistant and high-grade surface treatment; The cost is higher than PVC and density board skirting

6. Wood plastic skirting line: it is a new type of composite material that is booming in the synthesis principle of composite materials based on national thermal insulation materials. It refers to the use of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride to replace the usual resin adhesive, and mix it with more than 35%-60% wood powder to form a new wood material, which is produced by extrusion processing technology. It is mainly used to replace solid wood skirting and PVC skirting

7. Artificial stone skirting line: the manufacturing technology of artificial stone has been improving. According to the difference of adding color paste and particles, it can be seen in the market from light color to dark color, from plain color to flower color containing particles. Due to the physical and chemical properties of artificial stone, several meters of stone skirting lines with flat lines can be seamlessly spliced on site, without scar marks, and smooth curves everywhere you look. The construction process is not complicated. As long as you choose the design, variety and length of the skirting line, professionals can come to the door for splicing. It is reported that the raw materials of artificial stone skirting are mainly natural stone powder polyester resin, color paste pigment and aluminum hydroxide, so there is no need to worry about the radioactivity of artificial stone skirting

8. Glass skirting line: it is mainly made of glass. After cutting, fine grinding, the surface is sprayed with high-quality imported nano materials. With crystal clear characteristics, it is the best choice for decorations, but the glass skirting line is fragile, which is a little unsafe to use on the skirting line, especially in families with old people and children. Therefore, the glass skirting line is only loved by those families who attach great importance to decoration

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