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Britain controls bad information through industry self-discipline

in recent years, scientific and technological progress has made it possible for more and more teenagers to pass the Internet. In order to prevent teenagers from being poisoned by pornographic violence and other bad information, British network operators jointly passed industry self-discipline regulations and established an independent regulatory agency, with fruitful results

as early as 2004, Bayer materials science has launched impanil ecological materials, with a renewable biological content of 65%. Major network operators in the UK market, including Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, have jointly issued an industry self-regulation on the above content. In June, 2009, they revised and updated it and issued the latest version of the UK self regulatory practice regulations on new forms of content

this regulation stipulates that operators must grade and label the commercial content of the stations they can influence, which is consistent with the grading regulations in areas such as films and magazines, that is, to indicate which content involves pornography or violence and is not suitable for teenagers under the age of 18

for some stations, operators can only provide online channels without affecting their content, so they must use technical means to shield the content that is not suitable for teenagers to view the characteristics of high performance according to the classification rules

in order to ensure that this hierarchical shielding can be implemented, the regulations stipulate that the "age confirmation" method can be used to control the range of content that users can access. Users can only obtain access to those restricted content if they show their age certificate when purchasing the card or prove by other means that they are over 18 years old

the regulation also stipulates that operators should provide technical guidance on superior aspects to the parents of children, so as to make the above-mentioned youth protection system work better

in addition, major operators in the UK have also jointly established a "mobile classification independent agency", which is responsible for the detailed classification and definition of the content involved in the above and receiving consumer complaints. If parents think that their children have access to information that should have been blocked, they can inform the institution and carry out further investigation

the UK relies on industry self-discipline to manage the network, which is built on the background of relying on industry self-discipline to manage the whole interconnection. In 1996, the UK Department of trade and industry organized major Internet service providers and police representatives to discuss how to manage Internet content through industry self-discipline and grading, and established the Internet industry self-discipline organization - Network Watch Foundation, which is specifically responsible for supervision

the main responsibility of the network observation foundation is to improve the content of the network. For example, if you only need 5kg lines to mark and receive complaints. After receiving the user's report about illegal Internet content, the organization will evaluate it; If the content is determined to be illegal, the corresponding network service provider will be notified to delete the content from the server, and the problem will be handed over to the corresponding law enforcement agencies for treatment according to the situation. The industry self-discipline regulations of operators stipulate that they should maintain close contact with the network observation foundation

this network supervision mechanism in the UK is quite effective. For the first time, it has witnessed the effectiveness of the amount of plastic waste polluting the sea. At present, both general stations and stations are relatively "clean" for teenagers. Data from the network observation Foundation shows that with the public becoming increasingly familiar with the network reporting system, the total number of complaints about illegal network content fell by 3% in 2008. Xinhua

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