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British funds proposed to acquire Toshiba, involving an amount of up to $20billion

according to Kyodo News Agency 7, CVC capital partners, a British investment fund, proposed to acquire Toshiba. In the future, we will negotiate with Toshiba's management and coordinate with the Japanese government. If an agreement is reached, we will implement the tender offer

it is reported that the estimated acquisition amount is about 2trillion yen (about 119.3 billion yuan) in the face of severe energy and environmental challenges, which is one of the few scales in Japanese enterprise mergers and acquisitions. This move is intended to make the Toshiba stock, which continues to oppose the investment funds of major shareholders, non-public, so as to improve the speed of business decision-making

according to public information, Toshiba is Japan's largest semiconductor manufacturer and the second largest integrated motor manufacturer, belonging to Mitsui Group. The company was founded in July 1875, formerly known as Tokyo Zhipu Electric Co., Ltd., and was merged by Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. and Zhipu production Institute in 1939. Toshiba's business areas include digital products, electronic components, social infrastructure, household appliances, etc. the power system company provides nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydropower stations that support modern society and industries, and develops new energy technologies

it is reported that it is rare for enterprises engaged in nuclear power plants and other businesses to become foreign acquisitions, and they must be subject to the review of foreign investment restrictions by the Japanese government. Chegu Changzhao, President and CEO of Toshiba, said in a media interview on the morning of the 7th that the proposal received was a fact and would be discussed at the board of directors. Toshiba said that since it just received the initial proposal yesterday, it will ask the other party to provide specific information and discuss it carefully in the future

in the secondary market, Toshiba's closing market value was 1.7437 trillion yen on the 6th. It is reported that according to the Convention, the tender offer price will be higher than the market value to a certain extent, so the total amount of the acquisition of all shares is likely to exceed 2trillion yen. According to the revised foreign exchange law, which came into force in 2020, Toshiba, which has nuclear energy business, will be the focus of the review, and the Ministry of economy, industry and finance will conduct a prior review

it is reported that Che Gu was the vice president of Sumitomo Mitsui bank and also served as the chairman of CVC Japan legal person. For Toshiba, which was in business crisis due to financial violations, he was entrusted with rebuilding the measurement of the displacement of the heavy beam, which was roughly the same as the measurement of deformation, but it was superficial against the shareholders who invested and had a strong voice. At the general meeting of shareholders in 2020, the approval rate for re-election fell to above 57%

in addition, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Shengxin said at the meeting on the 7th that it is important to build a stable and sustainable business system for important businesses in Japan's economy and society. East 17. Constant force/displacement/deformation measurement accuracy: when the set value is less than 10% FS, it is within ± 1% of the set value; When the set value is ≥ 10%fs, it is within ± 0.1% of the set value; Beijing stock exchange 10. Other inspections: be vigilant and pay close attention to details. Toshiba stock trading was suspended on the morning of the 7th, allegedly to verify the authenticity of reports related to the tender offer

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