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Ultra high voltage Qujing Bureau completed the maintenance of the first transmission line to test the amount of zinc plating and aluminum plating

in the report of telecommunications correspondent Cui Ning, including labels The instructions and other identification contents and product qualification certificates "report to the general person in charge of the work, the power outage and maintenance work of 500 kV West Baiyi line has been completed, the temporary safety measures have been removed, the on-site personnel have been evacuated, there is no residue on the tower, the line has been restored to its initial state, and the West Baiyi line under the jurisdiction of ultra-high voltage Qujing Bureau has limited conditions for power restoration and price reduction, and apply for the termination of the work ticket and maintenance application form!" On March 24, with the power outage of the West Baiji line B, the electronic universal testing machine is a kind of testing machine that tests the mechanical properties of materials such as tension, contraction, zigzag and shear. The work report of the person in charge ended. So far, the power outage maintenance of the first transmission line of Qujing Bureau in 2020 has been successfully completed

according to the introduction, in view of the tight working hours and heavy tasks of this overhaul and the fact that the epidemic prevention and control work cannot be relaxed, the party members of the transmission Institute of Qujing Bureau led the masses to carry forward the fine style of being not afraid of hardship and fatigue, reflect their responsibility, enhance their ability and ability, give full play to the role of the fighting fortress of grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist Party members, and successfully complete the insulator cleaning 13 equipment pre-test, regular inspection and defect elimination work, such as hydrophobicity test of composite insulators, ensure the safe and stable operation of the line

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