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New features of UFIDA communications cloud smart products: intelligent outbound calls help enterprises effectively improve office efficiency

breakthroughs in big data and algorithms have set off the third wave of AI. AI has entered a new stage of rapid development. AI has become a powerful booster for rapid development of enterprises. More and more enterprises have begun to apply AI technology in marketing, after-sales, service and other links to help enterprises reduce operating costs, Improve office efficiency, improve service experience, and create customer value

recently, the new features of yunzhitong products were released, and the new intelligent outbound call module was launched. Through speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language processing and other technologies, the business scripts required by the enterprise were automatically synthesized in different scenarios. The system automatically dialed out customers, and obtained customer intentions through single round, multi round and other dialogue methods. After in-depth analysis, the intention was graded and accurately classified

yunzhitong product is a cloud communication service launched by UFIDA communication for governments, public organizations, public institutions, large enterprises and other organizations. This product can provide large-scale information notification, large-scale research and automatic statistical notification and research results for government and enterprise customers. The intelligent outbound call module launched this time will greatly improve the application and use efficiency of yunzhitong products, and make breakthroughs in speech recognition, intention recognition and scene management. With the real navigation scenario, combined with the graph enhancement algorithm, we can more accurately identify the customer's intention, accurately understand the context of multiple rounds of dialogue, integrate multiple business application scenarios, automatically synthesize the business scripts required by the enterprise under different scenarios, improve the business marketing ability, and support the intelligent decision-making of the enterprise

innovative enterprise intelligent services help the development of new materials industry. UFIDA communications joins hands with Zhongjin Zhihui to innovate enterprise intelligent services, In terms of UFIDA hardware, in accordance with the national standard gb/t2611, it has successfully realized the real-time monitoring of human movement; (2) article 6.3 of 007 "general technical requirements for experimental machines" has clearly stated that electrical equipment should have the ability to protect personal safety and avoid electric shock, and has made detailed provisions. Communication joins hands with Zhongjin Zhihui to open a new mode of enterprise intelligent office, and UFIDA communication has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Zhongjin Zhihui, With the help of intelligent outbound call technology of Zhongjin Zhihui, automatic speech recognition (ASR), text to speech (TTS) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies of control means will be comprehensively used to provide enterprises with automatic marketing, return visit and other services through intelligent semantic understanding + scenario modeling + customer intention analysis according to application scenarios

manage and configure scripts, question answers, etc. through what you see and what you get. Scenario based customized input of the whole process business, precipitation field application scenario modeling application output, simple and intuitive, continuous value-added customer service and customer value

the addition of the new intelligent outbound call module of yunzhitong products will effectively improve the operation efficiency of enterprises and escort the development of enterprises

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