The hottest UHMWPE pipe project is under construct

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The construction of UHMWPE pipe project is in the middle of summer. In July, at the construction site of the UHMWPE pipe project with an annual output of 80000 tons of Heihe Huatai new materials technology company, workers braved the high temperature and sweated to speed up the construction. The roar of locomotives and the sound of slogans formed a wonderful movement. At present, the project has completed a total investment of 84.2 million yuan, and completed the construction of five Workshop Foundation projects and two workshop steel structures. From the day of establishment to today, the database has grown larger and larger framework, and some core key equipment has been ordered. It is planned to pilot production before the end of this year

Heihe Huatai new material technology company's annual output of 80000 tons of UHMWPE pipe project is a provincial-level key promotion project in 2011, which is invested and constructed by Anhui Huatai Longteng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. from time to time. UHMWPE is internationally known as "amazing plastic". UHMWPE pipes produced from it have been widely used in mining, steel, metallurgy, thermal power, oil fields and other industries. Heihe Huatai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. uses the proprietary technology developed in cooperation with Beijing University of chemical technology to produce UHMWPE pipes, which will realize the control of isokinetic experimental force and isokinetic displacement, and fill the technical gap of efficient and continuous production in China. The market potential is huge and the development prospect is optimistic

the annual output of 80000 tons of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe project is planned to have a total investment of 210 million yuan, covering an area of 173000 square meters. The construction scale is 9000 tons of polyethylene gas pipe, 1000 tons of polyethylene gas pipe fittings, 60000 tons of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe fittings and 10000 tons of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe fittings. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be 460million yuan, the tax will be 30million yuan, and 230 people will be employed

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