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UFIDA acquired Chongqing Maite to enter the PLM field

on June 6, we should check whether the emergency stop key is in the stop state. On June 6, UFIDA Software announced the acquisition of the core assets of Chongqing Maite Technology Co., Ltd., a professional supplier of PLM (product lifecycle management). In addition, in order to better promote PLM business, UFIDA has also established an independent PLM division

on May 19, UFIDA software issued a board announcement, saying that it purchased Chongqing Maite at a price of 6.98 million yuan, including physical assets, intangible assets, existing products, software under development, accounts receivable, business and related assets and interests

it is understood that Chongqing Maite company was founded in 2000, and its main products include PDM (Product Data Management), CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning), cpd (collaborative product development), etc. Its customers include China Jialing Industrial Group, China Construction Industrial Group, Chongqing beiben automobile and other auto motorcycles and accessories, machinery and equipment, and shipbuilding. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers of experimental machines in Jinan, such as shipbuilding industry

Wang Wenjing, chairman and President of UFIDA, said that the acquisition of Chongqing Maite to establish the PLM business department is one of the important measures for UFIDA to comprehensively promote the customer business model. Entering the PLM business has improved and strengthened the product service system of UFIDA, which helps UFIDA to provide customers with comprehensive and life-cycle products and services, better serve Chinese manufacturing enterprises to cope with the financial crisis and accelerate transformation and upgrading

at present, PLM market is developing rapidly. According to Daratech's analysis, the global PLM market will continue to show a rapid growth momentum in the next few years, while the growth rate of the Asia Pacific region, especially China's market, will be higher. Relevant data show that waste reduction zigzag tests are often used in production to evaluate the zigzag strength and plastic deformation of materials. In 2007, the global PLM market reached US $21.8 billion, and the global PLM market will maintain a compound growth rate of 8.5% in the next five years. The survey shows that the total PLM market in China reached 2.534 billion yuan in 2007, with a compound growth rate of 16.1%

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