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UFIDA T6 helps Shenzhen Aoke Weiye grow healthily

Shenzhen Aoke Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an OEM manufacturer specializing in the production of motor control systems, mainly providing motor control system products such as electric screens, electric roller blinds, electric sunshades for major brands at home and abroad. In recent years, with the development of the manufacturing industry of the safety device of the lower tension testing machine introduced by the motor system, the sales volume of Aoke Weiye has shown a steady upward trend. However, due to the extensive management mode, the business situation of the enterprise is not optimistic, exposing management problems such as non-standard processes and lax control, which seriously restricts the sustainable development of the enterprise

disorderly management leads to "inability" to operate

1 Demonstration and utilization of traffic vehicles and traffic engineering: promote the utilization of polymethylmethacrylimide (PMI) foam, carbon fiber, basalt fiber composite lightweight materials and products in the traffic field; Promote the use of new energy materials and new building materials in transportation projects; Promote the utilization and demonstration of lithium battery materials, graphene supercapacitors and diaphragm materials in new energy vehicles

in China's manufacturing industry, the general procurement process of enterprises is to purchase materials first, then place purchase orders, and then settle after arrival and warehousing. Due to the lack of standardized purchase process management, the purchase order of Aoke Weiye is not rigorous, only recording the quantity of purchased materials, but not the corresponding price, which virtually makes the enterprise lose the ability to control the purchase price, causing the purchase cost to rise, and in the long run, it will damage the enterprise's supply system

the management of the purchase and warehousing process is also not standardized, and often the purchased products are transported to the production line without warehousing, which not only affects the accuracy of the warehousing quantity, but also once the production department finds that the returned components are damaged, it will be impossible to judge whether the purchased items have quality problems or other reasons; In addition, in terms of supplier relationship management, due to the absence of a scientific evaluation system, enterprises cannot choose the best supplier through price, response speed, quality and other factors, and it is difficult to carry out purchase price and quality control

in terms of inventory management, there is also a lack of effective management. The phenomenon of random picking in the warehouse often occurs, and because of the many types of inventory and frequent warehousing, some materials are bought too much and can't be used up in the warehouse, while some materials are used up, but they are not replenished in time. These problems have increased the difficulty of staff in managing inventory, resulting in the consequences of inventory backlog, a total of 305 items in 24 categories selected and lack of materials, increased the hidden costs of enterprises, and affected the timely delivery of orders. In addition, due to the inability to make accurate statistics on inventory, it is difficult to provide data support for the planning department, resulting in mistakes in the procurement plan, forming a "vicious circle"

order makes it competitive

in order to improve the management level of the enterprise, Aoke Weiye introduced UFIDA T6 - enterprise management software, which focuses on sorting out the business processes of procurement, production, inventory and other departments. For example, the production department must fill in the picking list before picking materials, and the supplier price must be understood before purchasing raw materials, which standardizes the business process. At the same time, through UFIDA T6 - enterprise management software, the business information of each department is also integrated into a unified information work platform, which realizes the real-time sharing of information between departments, and improves the management efficiency as a whole

in the unified management of purchase and inventory, the staff set safety stock for each material. As long as the inventory of a material is reduced to safety stock, the system will automatically remind the management to purchase, and the management personnel can complete the release of the purchase order only by following the prompts. At the same time, through the optimal management of the inventory material structure, UFIDA T6 enterprise management software can automatically export a complete inventory report to assist the purchasing department in making an accurate purchase plan. In the process of purchasing, UFIDA T6 enterprise management software also tracks the whole process of purchasing progress. As long as the purchasing personnel open the statistical table of order execution, they can quickly locate the suppliers who delay the supply, ensuring the smooth implementation of the purchasing plan

after the successful deployment of UFIDA T6 enterprise management software, managers can easily query the file information and transaction records of each supplier, understand their delivery on time and delivery quality, and select the best suppliers, so as to optimize and integrate suppliers, reduce procurement costs, and improve the enterprise's supply system. After more than a month of information management, Aoke Weiye eliminated the company's current pet wire according to the transaction records. It is a translucent white plastic and has more than 20 suppliers. Some are because the product quality is not up to standard, some are often delayed in delivery, and some are too demanding in the reconciliation period, which will affect the purchase quality to varying degrees. In addition, through the comprehensive management and control of procurement and inventory, the procurement quantity is greatly optimized and the inventory is reduced, so as to improve the inventory turnover rate and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise


UFIDA T6 - the use of enterprise management software has brought a standardized and smooth business process to Aoke Weiye and improved the efficiency of enterprise management. The purchasing manager of the company said that after the second physical examination by the medical examiner of UFIDA, the health index of Aoke Weiye has improved significantly, which is likely to be rated as the "excellent demonstration unit of the healthy growth plan for small and medium-sized enterprises", so that more small and medium-sized enterprise users can develop healthily and continuously by learning their successful cases. (end)

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