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UHV in China shows the weather of a big country

in the recent "great change - large exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up", the Brazilian beautiful mountain ± 800 kV High Voltage DC transmission project of national household appliances Co., Ltd. was exhibited in the fifth part, in the form of electronic display panels, to show visitors the vivid practice of the company's services and promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

"Brazil noodles and foam 3D printing technology makes 3D printing go further in this area. DC UHV can realize long-distance power transmission, which is very powerful in China. Canada is also considering adopting more DC technology for power transmission." On November 14, on the first day of the opening of the "great change - a large exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up", Peter, a chemistry professor from Canada, made such an exclamation. Behind him, the electronic display panel of Brazil beautiful mountain ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project, which was exhibited by national household appliances Co., Ltd., attracted the attention of many visitors

in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, electricity, as a basic platform connecting the power generation side and the customer side, has provided safe, economic, clean and reliable power supply for people's production and life, effectively supported economic and social development, and constantly created new records in terms of scale, capacity, innovative technology and so on. At the same time, China's electric technology represented by UHV technology is making great strides to the world, making positive contributions to promoting electric interconnection and the development of international power industry

UHV technology to the world

entering the scene of "great change - large exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up" is like stepping on the time machine of 40 years of reform and opening up. The exhibition is divided into six theme exhibition areas: key choices, magnificent chapters, great changes in history, meteorology of great powers, and facing the future. Through a large number of historical pictures, physical scenes, sand table models, and interactive experiences, it shows the great changes of social development in 40 years in an all-round, multi angle, and in-depth manner

in the area of "booming Chinese enterprises" in the first unit of "big country meteorology", the electronic display panel of the ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project in Mount Meili, Brazil is very eye-catching. This is the story of China's UHV in Brazil, and it is also the vivid practice of the company in serving and promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

"Brazil has a vast territory, and nearly 80% of the country's power demand is provided by large hydropower stations. Brazil's hydropower resources are concentrated in the northwest, while the load is concentrated in large cities in the southeast. How to solve the contradiction between energy distribution and load separation is a problem that the Brazilian energy industry has been exploring. And the experience of the national electricity company gives the answer - building UHV." With the commentator's explanation, visitors follow the story to understand the company's UHV "going to sea" process

on February 7, 2014, the joint venture between the company and Brazilian national electric power company successfully won the bid for the phase I project of beautiful mountain in Brazil, which is the first UHV DC transmission project won by the company overseas. It has become an important milestone in the field of China Brazil power cooperation 1 and the improvement of green packaging regulations and standards in the express industry. On December 21, 2017, the commissioning ceremony of phase I project was held at the eastrendu converter station at the receiving end. So far, more than one-third of the electric energy source of meilishan hydropower station has been continuously transmitted to the load center in Southeast Brazil, and the annual power demand of 22million people has been met through the large north-south interconnection channel of Brazilian electricity

in July 2015, the company independently won the bid for the phase II franchise project of ± 800 kV HVDC transmission of Brazil Meili Mountain Hydropower, and realized the independent investment, construction and operation of UHV transmission projects overseas for the first time. The implementation of phase II project will solve the power consumption problem of nearly 16million people in Brazil, marking the successful introduction of UHV transmission technology with independent intellectual property rights to the world, and will provide strong support for the revitalization of Brazil's economy

"I've heard that the State Grid Corporation of China has built many projects overseas. Today, it's really insightful. The State Grid Corporation of China has a wide layout and has brought UHV technology to Brazil. Next time I can better introduce China overseas." Said Mr. Liu from the Beijing Tourism Administration

technology, equipment and standards all-round "going out"

behind the electronic display panel of the ± 800 kV High Voltage DC transmission project in beautiful mountain, Brazil, the 10 words "China UHV, show a new business card" are very eye-catching

why is the new business card it

data is the most powerful proof. Meilishan phase I and phase II projects, which can drive nearly 8billion yuan of domestic high-end power equipment and EPC general contracting services to "go to sea", have attracted widespread attention in the industry. In addition, the project will also actively promote the development of upstream and downstream industries such as local power supply, electrical equipment and raw materials in Brazil, create about 16000 local jobs, and achieve mutual benefit between China and Brazil

driven by UHV, China's electrical equipment enterprises not only dominate the domestic high-end market, but also enter the international market. The high-end 800 kV equipment of NARI Group, XD Group, Pinggao group and other domestic manufacturers have been widely used in the two major projects of Meili mountain. A large number of Chinese advantageous electrical equipment enterprises have set up factories in Brazil. CEC equipment, Xinjiang power transmission and transformation, East China power transmission and transformation, Hunan power transmission and transformation and other units have participated in the construction of meilishan phase II project

the "going out" of high-end capacity in China's power industry is not only in products, but also in standards. Relying on its technological advantages and innovative practices, the company actively participated in the formulation of international standards, promoted the mutual recognition and docking of national standards, and accumulated the international standards dominated by the preparation, covering all the latest electrical technology fields, so as to obtain an international "pass" for China's electrical equipment to enter the global market

"the whole power industry chain of China has made Brazil see the new possibility of the future energy revolution to all things that may be embedded in the flexible computer chip in the shirt fabric, so that the hydropower and new energy power in the northern energy center of Brazil can be effectively transmitted to the southern load center in the future." The commentator's introduction made visitors better understand UHV transmission technology

at this time, in Brazil, tens of thousands of kilometers away from China, the ± 800 kV high-voltage DC transmission phase II project has entered the electrical installation stage. In a short time, an electric highway from north to South will be built there, which will form a good synergy with the phase I project of Mount beauty in Brazil and build a large north-south UHV interconnection channel in Brazil

in the National Museum, visitors are interested in understanding the story of UHV in Brazil. Outside the National Museum, the wonderful narrative of the company will continue

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