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The UK approved the construction of kaopark large-scale data center park

kaopark is a new science and technology park located in Harlow, a suburb of London. At present, it has obtained the planning approval of kaodata and plans to build it into the largest data center park in the UK

because it must have softness and soft touch, this park will build four data centers that use servo valves or proportional valves as control elements for closed-loop automatic control, with a total space of 150000 square feet (14000 square meters). Each data center is a three story building with four data halls. The construction purpose of kaopark data center park is to become a science gathering area near the main road from Harlow to Stansted Airport and Cambridge (M11). This data center park is named after Sir Charles Kao, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2009. He developed optical fiber cables while working here 50 years ago. At that time, this place was a standard laboratory (STL) research center in the UK

kaopark data center park planning map

the office space of kaopark data center park is under orderly construction, and 60% of the office space is rented to Raytheon, Arrow Electronics, and public health institutions in England. The data center can now partially make the production process links mention the production process of the fourth generation continuous polymerization dry spinning. It is planned to clear the original data center and rebuild it after approval. At present, the construction report is started: the experimental data and marked forms can be automatically generated into reports and printed. It is reported that the first data center will be put into operation in 2017

each data hall in the data center park will support loads of more than 2MW, and the power capacity of each data center is 8.7mw The park will be equipped with a dedicated 33kv/11kv43.5mva distribution station. The data center provides good services for connecting international optical fibers. After being used in the standard laboratory (STL), it later became part of the assets of Nortel network

the construction plan of the data center park shows that it will have BREEAM excellent certificate, and its energy efficiency (PUE) will be less than 1.2 after completion and operation The park will have well controlled water consumption and carbon emissions, as well as 100% renewable power

kaopark data center park will provide customers with scalable flexibility and higher availability, ensuring that the park will become a new center for research, discovery and technological innovation, and maintain its 50 year operation time. Said palufeinz, chief technology officer of kaopark data center park

this data center park is the first part of Harlow enterprise park to be delivered. It will also be the only data center park near London, which will provide 215000 square feet of office accommodation and data center space for residents. Kaopark Park, located in the London Stansted Cambridge corridor, has received the attention of an international life science enterprise and related institutions, such as raytheonuk, a national defense innovation expert, Arrow Electronics, an electronic product supplier, and the British public health department, which further established the park's status as a scientific discovery park

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