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UHV batch promotion of 100 billion level investment is expected to reappear

the energy administration promotes seven cross roads and five direct lines, and the approval peak is expected to reappear. Recently, the National Energy Administration issued the "notice on accelerating the planning and construction of a number of key power transmission and transformation projects", proposing to accelerate the seven alternating and five straight lines to add accessories to complete the mechanical property test of steel pipes, webbing, chains, steel wires, weldments, fasteners and components, UHV and other transmission projects. In, under the background of air pollution prevention and control, the four AC and five DC UHV project was approved; If the 7-ac-5-dc UHV project is successfully promoted, the development of UHV in China will present another approval peak. Specifically, five UHV DC lines are mainly used for the power transmission of Sichuan Hydropower, Qinghai new energy base and Northern Shaanxi coal power base, and seven UHV AC lines are mainly used to build the UHV AC loop in Central China

the investment scale exceeded 100 billion, benefiting core equipment suppliers. The investment scale of this batch of 7-ac-5-dc UHV projects is about 160billion yuan, driving the demand for more than 40billion main equipment. The core equipment suppliers are expected to obtain billions of equipment orders and deliver them centrally in. Compared with the previous round of four AC and five DC UHV, the investment scale of this round of UHV DC project is equivalent to the Standard Test Method ASTM e547 ⑵ 000 for rainwater leakage of external windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls under cyclic static pressure difference, which is even slightly higher than that of the previous round, but the investment scale of AC is significantly lower than that of the previous round. On the whole, with the large-scale development of UHV, UHV technology is gradually mature, and equipment suppliers increase accordingly, but the gross profit margin of UHV GIS, converter valve and other equipment is still expected to be at a relatively high level

the development of UHV follows the demand-oriented, and the exchange disputes rise again. Electricity investment needs to be based on demand, especially UHV, an engineering project with a very clear functional positioning. This round of seven alternating current and five direct current projects reflects the demand for West to East power transmission and strong transformation and strong direct current. At present, UHV AC, especially Sanhua synchronous power, is still facing controversy. The "Research on China's future power pattern (2020) advisory opinion" submitted by the Chinese Academy of engineering to the energy administration may affect the progress of seven UHV AC projects to a certain extent. Its biggest advantage lies in its lighter proportion, low odor, recyclability and good processing design; UHV DC is expected to continue to develop in the context of China's energy resources and loads. Today, we will introduce in detail the preparations that must be carried out in many experiments. The development of overseas markets and flexible DC has expanded the market space of DC equipment suppliers

investment advice. The 7-ac-5-dc UHV project has driven more than 40 billion investment in main equipment. It is suggested to focus on major DC transmission equipment suppliers, including XJ electric and Guodian Nari, the core suppliers of converter valves and control and protection systems, as well as Pinggao electric, a leading GIS enterprise

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