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Uipath introduced the dialogic AI function into the industry's first super automation platform

uipath, an industry-leading enterprise level robot process automation (RPA) software company, announced that it had added dialogic AI function to the industry's first end-to-end super automation platform. Through uipath's out of the box robot dialog function, customized chat robots for various industries, and new automation functions that make employees work more effectively, uipath makes it easier for enterprises to provide a consistent and scalable first-class global support experience than ever before, so that customers can get support through the world's most popular communication channels at any time of need

instant messaging app has become the preferred platform for personal communication, with an average of 41million messages sent through mobile communication app every minute in the world. In fact, 68% of consumers said that instant messaging is the most convenient way to keep in touch with businesses, while more than 50% of customers said they prefer to buy products from enterprises that can be contacted through chat. In response, enterprises are adjusting their customer communication strategies to meet not only the existing needs of existing customers, but also other end-to-end service needs of customers. However, without the right tools to handle these additional matters, the customer support team may be overwhelmed

with the continuous impact of covid-19 covid-19 covid-19 on enterprise operations, enterprises all over the world are facing extreme challenges, including the growing demand for customer support. For example, otpbankromania is using an automated solution to organically combine Druid chat robot and uipath software robot to process bank loan installment extension requests. This integration enables the bank to reduce the processing time of a single request from 10 minutes to 20 seconds, increase the number of calls received and processed through the customer service of the contact center by 125%, and handle more than three times the usual extension requests when the number of back office staff remains unchanged

uipath's conversational AI function extends the application scope of traditional chat robots to enterprise applications, so as to collect knowledge and complete tasks in real time. Paramkahlon, uipath's chief product officer, said that with the increasing emphasis on the conversation function of next-generation applications, we will be committed to building a communication bridge between traditional enterprise applications and chat robots

by combining conversational AI and uipath super automation platform, enterprises can realize end-to-end automation for customers and employees. More specifically, it can realize:

dialogue with uipath robot: by teaching robots to talk with chat robots through seamless two-way communication, robots and humans are encouraged to use natural language interaction to process service requests. This also means that the RPA process can be started directly through chat, thereby improving operational efficiency

easily introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into customer support: make full use of the powerful capabilities of uipath platform and codeless robot chat platform, customize chat robot platform for various industries such as medical, retail and insurance, and realize automation of customer demand processing involving modern and traditional systems through cloud, hybrid and local deployment. Nowadays, permeable concrete in enterprises allows rainwater to freely penetrate and penetrate the ground, so as to meet customer needs end-to-end and achieve customer satisfaction by integrating AI chat robots into automated processes

make employees work more effectively: with the help of AI chat robot and uipath platform, daily queries can be processed through the smooth area through the message transmission channel, so that human customer service can spend more time dealing with complex and higher value queries. By dealing with duplicate problems in the instant messaging channel, customer oriented robots can not only reduce the workload of customer service, but also further support customer service after the support needs are upgraded. Robots will browse interconnected systems and pass relevant information to customer service to avoid frequent switching between different applications, and new products are increasingly entering the market

in order to help RPA customers who need dialogue AI solutions, uipath has reached a partnership with druid to sell druidchatbotsplatform on a commission basis. Druid is an AI driven chat robot codeless platform, which is firmly integrated with the uipath platform. With powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology that can provide context sensitive information and interpretation, Druid supports more than 40 languages, countless internal and external channels, and can also provide more than 300 pre built conversational AI templates, covering business scenarios across multiple industries and angles. In addition, uipath has opened up a variety of new extrusion products, and also connected with several other chat robots through an open platform, so as to provide customers with a direct integration experience within the uipath platform

the combination of instant messaging and RPA has contributed to customer self-service and employee productivity revolution. Druidceoliviudragan explained that through the integration with uipath, we have improved the end-user experience and reduced the burden of repetitive work on human resources

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