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Rui takes information together with Aishi hengen to build a large platform for live broadcast of educational virtual scenes

as long as there is Internet Interconnection, it will be cold in spring. At the end of the year, Beijing welcomes a warm current of education! On January 17, 2017, ruidu information (Stock Code: 834901) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Aishi hengen Education Technology Co., Ltd. to integrate their respective resource advantages and jointly create a large platform for live broadcast of educational virtual scenes

education scene is king

education refers to the method of content dissemination and rapid learning of the characterization of metal mechanical properties through the application of information technology and Internet technology. Compared with the traditional education methods of educational institutions, education has the characteristics of high efficiency, breaking the space-time constraints, fragmented learning, low threshold, rich teaching resources, coupled with Internet + promotion, the rise of education platforms, and the growing market demand. For example, we will choose it training, accounting training, and management skills training in order to improve our efforts to promote the dissemination of green manufacturing concepts, green manufacturing diagnostic services, green manufacturing financial docking, green manufacturing + interconnection, and green manufacturing international cooperation skills; In order to study abroad, we will study language; For children's entrance examination, we will choose K 12 primary and secondary school counseling, and even postgraduate entrance examination counseling. The diversity of people's needs will lead to more and more demand for segmented scenes. Only scenario based solutions can effectively provide learners with socialized online learning space, create a good online learning experience for learners, and use rich offline teachers to solve students' problems scientifically

complementary advantages and win-win cooperation

Shenzhen ruiqu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 834901) is a leading provider of multimedia recording and broadcasting products and technical services in the industry. The innovative recording/broadcasting solutions cover mature hardware systems, supporting technologies and software products, which can comprehensively meet the transmission of multimedia information in various scenarios such as training, education, conferences, medical treatment, etc Record and share synchronization requirements. Up to now, ruiqu products and services have been successfully applied in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, with tens of millions of users

Aishi hengen is the pioneer and leader of high-definition video courseware production technology in China. At present, Aishi hengen has set up more than 1000 high-definition recording classrooms across the country, and has successfully provided professional courseware customization services for more than 500 customers, covering more than 30 key industries and fields such as colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, educational institutions, government units, enterprises, publishing houses, finance, aerospace, petroleum, and the number of terminal students has reached 2million

Mr. Zhang Qiu, CEO and chairman of Shenzhen ruiqu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (third from the left), Mr. Pan Hewei, general manager of Aishi hengen (fourth from the left)

this strategic cooperation, based on the concept of Internet + product design, developed ynews (speech room) based on ruiqu information, combined with the scene characteristics and courseware making advantages of Aishi hengen recording classroom, Create an end-to-end educational virtual scene live broadcast solution that lands on the workbench to the original location line. Ynews (speech room) - transformation experts in the studio, 15 square meters of space rapid deployment environment, 2d3d multiple background mode switching, make your speech and teaching more vivid and more changeable. The perfect combination of virtual scene and end-to-end live broadcast and diversified teaching mode experience make users use it more smoothly and comfortably. With the deepening and promotion of cooperation, there will be more diversified solutions to the practical problems of education, teaching and training scenarios

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