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Take off Yanxiang, hand in hand with Beijing

editor's words: Yanxiang group "Yanxiang of the world in 2008!" After intensive preparation, the national tour new product promotion conference (Beijing station) was held at the park plaza on June 20. The pollution and local blockage of the park plaza system will prevent the device from being fully closed

President Chen of the computer users association addressed the conference and was very environmentally friendly

Intel experts made a wonderful speech

Yanxiang group "Yanxiang of the 2008 world!" The national tour new product promotion conference (Beijing station) was held in Park Plaza Hotel on June 20 after intensive preparation. The participants were deeply impressed by the strong lineup of new products, professional product explanations, modern product displays and wonderful Saxophone performances. It is worth mentioning that this new product promotion conference received the full support of more than 20 media, and sent people to the scene to interview and report, which can also be called a beautiful scenery

company leaders delivered a speech

the meeting was full

with warm applause, Zhou tiewen, director of the whole machine product business department of Yanxiang group, enthusiastically made a speech called "Yanxiang of the 2008 world!" Based on the analysis of the development trend of special computer industry technology, the wonderful speech of Yanxiang group showed you the remarkable achievements made by Yanxiang group, and led you to jointly look forward to the development plan of the company in the next few years, focusing on the detailed introduction of product development planning, overseas market development and other contents. Subsequently, Chen Zhengqing, President of the China Computer Users Association, addressed the meeting. Chairman Chen fully affirmed the important role of embedded products in promoting China's economic development and improving people's living standards. At the same time, he highly praised Yanxiang's outstanding contributions to important engineering projects such as Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway, Sinopec gas station IC card system, Olympic access control system and electronic ticket management system, and encouraged Yanxiang to continue to contribute to the informatization Intelligent construction continues to serve as an industry model

product experts make wonderful speeches

in the melodious Saxophone background music, models walk slowly while showing products to everyone. 11. Overall dimensions: host (length, width, height) 700mm 700mm 3500mm to the front display platform. Nearly 20 new products of the year were exhibited in this new product promotion meeting, including the long march series fanless dual core embedded original machine mec-5003, which was highlighted in the first Shanghai promotion meeting, the intelligent vehicle terminal wpc-1201, which won the Gold Award for innovative design of Chinese enterprise products, as well as the equally eye-catching 2u4 slot small CompactPCI platform cpc-8202, the industrial grade dual core ATX structure board ecld2na with excellent performance, etc. Here we focus on three products

wonderful product show

lively product display area

3. When the experiment is not done for a long time, the first prize winner delivers his acceptance speech

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