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The takeout platform needs more humanized changes

release date: Source: Shenzhen

these two days, a post focusing on takeout bikes and sharing with the industry the latest developments, development trends and the use of hands in the market field, in-depth analysis of the mystery of the takeout platform using intelligent algorithms to control takeout riders, one stone aroused thousands of waves. Under external pressure, a takeout platform issued a statement in the early morning of the 9th, announcing that it would release the user selection function of "I'm willing to wait 5 minutes/10 minutes", and exempt excellent takeout workers from liability

after the release of this statement, the outside world was mixed. Some people praised the quick response of this takeaway platform, saying that "this is a welcome amendment" and "I am willing to wait for another 5 minutes"; Some friends also said, "the platform will not mention the pressure brought by the delivery order system to riders, but will transfer it to consumers, making users feel kidnapped by morality."

the artificial intelligence scheduling system supported by the takeout platform can accurately estimate the completion time and driving distance of each order by analyzing the historical order data of 100 million, the track data of 10 billion riders and the characteristic data of tens of millions of users and merchants, so as to reduce the delivery time. Combined with big data and artificial intelligence technology, the scheduling system calculates the route as many as billions of times per hour, and calculates the distribution route in an average of tens of milliseconds

however, AI is not just a simple computer problem and mathematical problem. In the process of developing artificial intelligence industry, countries all over the world have proposed that reliable artificial intelligence should be legal, moral and stable, and its foundation lies in "people-oriented". Since 2015, the country that generally only strives for the lower yield point in our project has established a new generation of artificial intelligence governance professional committee, issued the "new generation of artificial intelligence governance principles - developing negative artificial intelligence", and put forward eight principles for the new generation of artificial intelligence governance

AI ethics involves many aspects, but the most fundamental aspect is civilization. Unlike Chekhov's "man in a suit" who voluntarily wraps himself in a tight shell, takeaway riders are tightly constrained by the delivery time and welfare benefits set by the scheduling system, and have to be fast on the road. Delivery time is the most important indicator. Overtime means poor evaluation, lower income, and even elimination. Under the control of the rigorous scheduling system, but the air resistance, gloss and transparency are slightly poor, each rider is like a robot, and the route has been accurately set. Therefore, a take out rider sighed, "taking out is to race against death, compete with the traffic police, and make friends with the red light."

just like this, a takeaway platform launched the user selection function of "I'm willing to wait 5 minutes/10 minutes more", and proposed that "the system is dead, and people are alive. Take heart to heart." Most consumers are willing to accept it without special circumstances. But looking further, the delivery riders trapped by the time and orders specified by the scheduling system will ultimately have to game time from consumers. In this way, the contradiction between the takeout platform and the rider has shifted to the user and rider, and there is even a suspicion of moral kidnapping of consumers

therefore, some friends believe that simply calling on consumers to "be willing to wait for five minutes" cannot fundamentally save the trapped takeaway riders. Facing the practical problems that enterprises want to pursue profits, takeaway riders want to survive, and takeaway consumers want to eat, we need to achieve a balance among consumers, platforms, riders, and catering businesses under the guidance of legal spirit and ethics

the takeout platform should optimize the algorithm in combination with factors such as road conditions, distance, weather, etc., adjust the punishment and incentive mechanism with catering enterprises, and adjust the exemption within the scope of the law; The competent department should strengthen the help and guidance of the foreign rider and courier industry, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the practitioners of the electronic universal tensile machine that can stretch, shrink, zigzag, tear, shear, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping; Consumers should place orders in advance to disperse the meal delivery period, and give the takeout brother appropriate remaining time; Takeout workers should abide by relevant laws and traffic rules, and don't ignore safety in order to take more orders. Only by allowing AI to reflect more civilized temperatures, participating in and weighing in many ways, and reaching the best balance point, can we ensure that everyone who works hard to live will receive due respect

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