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Talents help Sany's international development

Guide: on March 31, Sany Heavy Industry Park, candidates who came to attend Sany recruitment day lined up as usual. Among the waiting crowd, there are many overseas returnees who have studied or worked abroad and hope to return to China for employment. Mr. Jiang, who has worked in Singapore for six years, told me that three

on March 31, in Sany Heavy Industry Park, candidates who came to participate in the "Sany recruitment day" lined up as usual. Among the waiting crowd, there are many "overseas returnees" who have studied or worked abroad and hope to return to China for employment. Mr. Jiang, who has worked in Singapore for six years, told that Sany Heavy equipment was his first choice for returning home. "Landing here not only provides you with high-quality experimental machine equipment points", and what he valued was the generous treatment and strong development momentum of the enterprise, which was only an epitome of the effectiveness of Sany Heavy Equipment's "internationalized" talent strategy

the process of international development cannot be separated from the international talent strategy. In this regard, Sany Heavy equipment has "two pronged approach", allowing excellent employees to "go out", and "inviting overseas elites in", creating a "talent aircraft carrier" for Sany Heavy equipment to set sail internationally

join hands with the world's top universities to cultivate professionals

according to Sany Heavy equipment human resources department, in the near future, 1. Add clean 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil into the oil tank at the filler to the liquid level shown in Figure 2, and select excellent employees to go to Cambridge University, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Stanford University, University of Michigan, University of Georgia, Japan Science and technology alliance and Kyushu University among the world's top 100 universities for years of training and study. Together with the world's top universities, it has the best educational resources in the world, so as to cultivate cutting-edge professional and technical talents in line with the world. In the future, these professionals who have learned stress concentration and returned with low sensitivity will become a "prairie fire" within the enterprise to maximize the close integration of advanced ideas, technology and production practice

in China, Sany Heavy equipment, together with Harbin Institute of technology, China University of mining and technology and Jilin University, has jointly launched a master of engineering class to select outstanding young R & D personnel for further study. Regularly invite experts to give targeted lectures on professional knowledge, and adopt the method of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic cross training, so that R & D personnel can master various knowledge and skills

overseas talents let China's coal machinery contain international wisdom

on March 18, 2010, following the German Research Institute, the Sany Heavy Equipment American Research Institute was officially established

at present, Sany Heavy Equipment Research Institute of the United States and Germany has more than 10 senior experts and industry backbones in the fields of mechanical design, automatic control, electrical engineering, continuous mining machine, shearer, mining car and so on. The company also hired German DBT senior engineers to tackle the key components of the shearer and the gear heat treatment process, so as to improve the surface hardness and strength of the products to the international advanced level; First of all, we will hire experienced Ukrainian coal machinery technical experts to join the expert consultant team of Sany Heavy equipment. It is worth mentioning that most experts have experience in independently operating projects and enterprises. They are not only "one upmanship", but also proficient in management and marketing, and can help the company carry out overseas business

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