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Taking the lead in releasing "scene recording and broadcasting" and creating experiential solutions

as a frequent guest of Infocomm exhibition, the recording and broadcasting products or solutions displayed by taking the lead in the industry and bring inspiration to everyone

on April 12, 2017, the annual Infocomm China exhibition was held as scheduled. Zhang Qiu, general manager of ruiqu, grandly released the scene recording and broadcasting keywords at the exhibition site, deepened the application from the industry of enterprise level recording and broadcasting behavior, and analyzed and shared the recording and broadcasting applications. By meeting the application needs of different scenes, it can stimulate the needs of the whole scene and make the video transmission more efficient. Once again, many eyes will be focused on sharp

new concept in the era of nationwide live broadcasting

compared with words and images, transmitting information by video is not a more advanced form, but it is undoubtedly an efficient and attractive way. It is precisely because of the popularity of video information, the current popular recording Foundation (high-pixel photography) and mature networking conditions that live broadcasting is popular on we media, and various live broadcasting platforms have also emerged. Everyone is popular, and the era of national live broadcasting seems to have arrived. The old drivers should be very clear about this

the biggest advantage of live broadcasting probably lies in its high efficiency and strong interaction, and its rise is not accidental. However, looking at many current live broadcast platforms, almost all of them are based on entertainment, switching any two of the three-phase line and restarting it, games, and star style. There is hardly any need for our professional enterprise level recording and broadcasting

enterprise level recording and broadcasting behavior should keep pace with the times, and vigorously advocate

recording, which is front-end recording; Broadcast is the backstage sharing. Live broadcast is a real-time manifestation of the whole recording and broadcasting behavior

ruiqu advocates that enterprise level recording and broadcasting behavior should keep pace with the times. In this regard, general manager Zhang Qiu said that from the perspective of enterprise level recording and broadcasting behaviors, they all occur in specific professional scenes. For example, such as conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, and concert halls, what we need to do is to record information in these professional scenes, and then we need to efficiently transmit these resources to accurate customers

for different scenarios, we will provide corresponding and more efficient recording methods, and share them in a faster and lighter way now, without adding burden to users. Less is more, you don't need to download an app, you don't need to log in to a specific page, and you can watch and share with the highest popularity. At the same time, it is also convenient for users to do private deployment and operation

this is what professional recording and broadcasting enterprises in the industry are doing at present. Mr. Zhang Qiu said that we believe that scene based live recording and broadcasting will play an increasingly important role in professional enterprise applications. Taking the application of education as an example, he explained that the progress of plastic granulator technology has a close relationship with the development of the whole national economy:

we first entered the classroom, with excellent and simple recording and broadcasting classrooms; Then we expanded to campus TV stations and even playgrounds. Its recording and broadcasting products have almost covered the entire campus area, covering all parts of the campus that need video recording. In addition to the classroom live broadcast, the school's recording and broadcasting needs will be further met and stimulated

the same is true for applications in other fields

heavy launch of ynews and ycat solutions

at the press conference, Mr. Zhang Qiu also focused on the heavy new products and solutions brought by ruituo for this exhibition, such as ynews and ycat

Rui takes the innovative experience and wonderful sharing of ynews speech room, which integrates the characteristics of virtual scene, live application, online live broadcast, remote interaction, cloud publishing and so on, and meets the recording and dissemination needs of all kinds of activities and information in a new and convenient way. Among them, ynews virtual scene application is based on the matting technology of blue-green background, which develops flexible scene switching, efficiently produces and publishes various creative broadcasting programs, and meets the requirements of multi scene applications such as publishing, advertising, meetings, ceremonies, special columns, teaching and training. The live application of ynews, starting from the actual needs of interview and speech scenes, integrates accurate automatic broadcasting technology, quickly focuses on the focus of activities, and has a brand-new live viewing mode, presenting professional press conferences and speech scenes, bringing distinctive experience sharing

recieve ycat wireless live broadcast station wireless recording, real-time sharing, based on mobile and portable application characteristics, adopts leading wireless transmission technology to create an activity recording and broadcasting scheme suitable for all kinds of complex environments

Rui's scene recording and broadcasting will lead to a soul stirring revolution

we believe that in the Internet environment, the most important thing of an enterprise's products is not what functions they have, but what problems they can solve for users, and at the same time, let users experience the most suitable and convenient scenes. The practical application far exceeds the functional requirements, which is the experiential solution that Ruili wants to dedicate to users. In the era of knowledge economy, taking advantage of years of professional video recording and transmission technology, Ruirui focuses on studying the information transmission needs of schools, governments, enterprises, hospitals and other scenes, creating fast, convenient and diversified experiential solutions, easily realizing the transmission of knowledge and creating higher value

scene video will be the future trend, and the field of scene recording and broadcasting will be a soul stirring revolution

it can be said that at least at present, no other enterprise in the industry has completed the live broadcast deployment of the enterprise level system officially developed in the interconnection mode since 2008, only Rui

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