The hottest takeaway packaging pollution continues

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The pollution of takeout packaging continues to be serious, and the degradable market has great potential

in recent years, the catering takeout industry in China has developed rapidly. It is understood that in 2018, the scale of the Internet catering market increased by 112.5% year-on-year. But now most of the takeout packaging is mainly plastic, and the rapidly expanding takeout market has also brought great pressure to the environment. In order to reduce environmental pollution, degradable packaging is becoming a new trend in the takeaway packaging industry, and paper lunch boxes are one of them

the takeout industry in China developed earlier, and the takeout packaging has undergone great changes. On the whole, the take away packaging in China has experienced three stages: foamed lunch boxes - PP plastic tableware - degradable paper lunch boxes

1. Foam lunch box. Takeout is developed from food packaging. The emergence of foam lunch boxes has changed the situation of packaging food in plastic bags. After the development of takeout, foamed lunch boxes have naturally become the first choice of many takeout businesses. The advantages of convenience and beauty make foamed lunch boxes gradually occupy the catering takeout market. According to the data of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, by the end of the 1990s, the output of foam lunch boxes had reached 5billion, and a large number of them were exported to the United States, Europe, South Africa and other countries

2. PP plastic tableware. With the arrival of the takeaway era, the requirements of takeaway packaging have become higher and higher. PP plastic tableware has quickly become the new favorite of takeaway packaging industry because of its high temperature resistance and firmness. But no matter it's foam lunch boxes or PP plastic tableware, they can't escape the essence of "plastic"

3. Degradable paper lunch box. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, degradable paper lunch boxes began to enter the takeaway packaging market. In terms of environmental protection, paper lunch boxes are easy to degrade and have little environmental pollution; In terms of safety ingredients, paper lunch boxes are non-toxic and harmless; From the perspective of packaging texture, paper lunch boxes make takeout more high-end and have better quality when closing the oil return valve

although takeout packaging is developing and people's awareness of environmental protection is also strengthening, the market penetration rate of degradable paper lunch boxes in the takeout market is very low. Recently, some media launched a questionnaire survey on takeout packaging to 100 consumers of different ages who are constantly extending the industrial chain. The results showed that 66% of the respondents received transparent disposable plastic lunch boxes in takeout; 21% of the respondents received foam lunch boxes; Other packaging accounted for 12%, while degradable paper lunch box packaging accounted for only 1%

it is not difficult to find that at present, most takeaway packages used by Chinese takeaway businesses are still mainly plastic products that are difficult to degrade. However, with the continuous improvement of consumers' pursuit of environmental protection and takeaway quality, the hydraulic universal experimental machine produced by Shandong Star High Tech uses computers to collect data, process data and process graphic fiber degradable paper lunch boxes for experimental models will become a new trend of takeaway packaging, and the market development potential is huge

in addition to market demand, some measures of the takeout platform are also promoting the development of the degradable paper lunch box market. In terms of corrugated cardboard, at the end of the year, hungry started the "peace of mind plan" for takeaway packaging materials, jointly reviewed and screened disposable lunch boxes with disposable lunch box manufacturers, catering enterprises and China Packaging Federation, and successively released three batches of takeaway packaging "peace of mind list", including paper lunch box manufacturers. The "reassurance directory" project solves the pollution problem of takeout packaging from the aspects of reduction, reuse, recycling and so on, and improves the market utilization rate of paper lunch boxes

meituan and the China Environmental Protection Foundation established the "Castle Peak project special fund" in 2017 to solve the environmental problems of takeaway packaging. The special fund has carried out a series of fruitful work around the advocacy of public environmental awareness and the plastic reduction of takeaway packaging, which is also conducive to improving the utilization rate of degradable paper lunch boxes

the takeout industry is becoming a fast-growing sector of China's food industry, but the rapid development of the takeout industry has also brought many problems, and the environmental protection of takeout packaging has also become a hot topic at present. On the whole, the environmental protection level of China's takeout market is low, and the development space of degradable paper lunch boxes and other takeout packaging is huge. I believe that with the efforts of many parties, the takeaway packaging industry will gradually change to environmental protection and greening, and the future of takeaway packaging will become more and more optimistic

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