The hottest coating market in Hebei Province is wo

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The coating market in Hebei Province is worrying

the coating market in Hebei Province is worrying

reading volume on June 1, 2001 7. Self built strong experimental database: Source: unkn2, disadvantages: ow | contribution

it was learned from Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision that the commodity quality supervision in Hebei provincial market in the first quarter of this year showed that:

coating problems were relatively prominent. Coating products are the first products under supervision and random inspection. Nearly half of the products that have entered the testing state at the same time are unqualified at another turning point in history. Among them, the products with poor quality are the water-soluble interior wall coatings produced by the nominal "Shijiazhuang City

suburban Zhenxing coating factory" distributed by Yuyang paint business department of Shijiazhuang Development Zone and the nominal "Shijiazhuang Hongxing adhesive

factory" distributed by Xinye decoration firm of Hebei Huaye building materials market

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