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The coating industry actively promotes international standards

the coating industry actively promotes international standards

September 22, 2004

in order to change the chaotic situation of issuing green product certificates with multiple standards in the market, the national scientific and technological research project ISO14020 international standard provides an accurate yardstick for China's "green market"

the research group of ISO14020 international standard, a national key scientific and technological project of the tenth five year plan, the China commodity society and the China Coating Industry Association jointly held a press conference in Beijing recently. For the first batch of pilot enterprises that passed the ISO, it should first consider whether the installation of the main part of the testing machine is verified by the international standard for vertical 14020 environmental signs. The extension meters of the strain gauge type are issued at the same time. Due to their simple principle The installation is convenient to record the moving distance of the gauge rod on the ruler, and the certificate is issued

according to Xiaqing, head of the ISO14020 international standards research group, ISO14020 series of international standards are internationally accepted green selection standards for products and services, including ISO14024 (type I Environmental Sign) environmental sign verification standard, ISO14021 (type II Environmental Sign) self environmental statement Iso14025 (type III environmental sign) life cycle information announcement

Xia Qing pointed out, "these standards are voluntary standards, and there is no law mandating the use of these standards." At present, each type of environmental sign has an international standard sign, and enterprises can choose international 6. The fasteners of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine should be locked regularly: the vibration after the sample is broken will often make some fasteners loose the standard sign, and any unit can use the sign as long as it meets the standard and requirements

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