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Paint enterprises need new ideas to attract investment without "hurting"

at the moment of increasingly fierce competition in the paint market, if enterprises do not advance, they will fall back. If enterprises want to become bigger and stronger, channel construction can not be ignored. Smooth sales channels are the key for enterprises to enter the brand, so attracting investment has become the main means for enterprises to expand the market

it is more difficult to attract investment

it can change the activity phase in sequence. Investment attraction has been attached great importance by enterprises because of its business advantages such as rapid withdrawal of funds and improvement of channel construction. With the rapid development of the coating industry, the market competition is more intense. Nowadays, the homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, the feedback information of exhibitions and investment promotion advertisements is getting less and less, the investment promotion cost is increasing and the income is relatively decreasing; So that the paint enterprises have many obstacles in carrying out investment promotion, but each enterprise still spares no effort to increase investment promotion

investment promotion needs new ideas

in today's serious homogenization of products, product selling points are an important magic weapon for investment promotion and the focus for enterprises to win market competition. At present, most enterprises focus on product personality

the actual survey shows that modern people, especially young people with knowledge, pay more and more attention to healthy life. If the paint enterprise takes green environmental protection as the development concept, it will appear to be in good order. Advocating healthy life not only covers environmental protection factors, but also better meets the healthy consumption needs of consumers

interpret the new concept through the product, highlight the selling points in a fair name, so that consumers can clearly understand the advantages of the product and be attracted by this new concept; This is the basis for investment promotion and a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of investment promotion

investment promotion needs strategies

there is no fixed model for investment promotion, and only those suitable for the development of the enterprise are the best. Homeopathy strategy is one of the effective methods: relying on the strong influence of its own brand in the market, it can easily win the trust of dealers. Investment promotion needs strategies, but there is no regional restriction. Paint enterprises or in the summer when the working environment temperature is high will fail and can not be satisfied with the status quo and stagnate. It is the best way for enterprises to expand the market, enhance competitiveness and build brands to do a comprehensive and detailed market survey in advance and formulate investment promotion plans for different regional markets

investment promotion needs to pay attention to maintenance

many coating enterprises often neglect the maintenance of old customers when opening up new markets. The maintenance of the existing market is an important link in the sales channel with the largest number of contradictions, the widest coverage and the most tedious. The enterprise must manage and maintain it well, and improve the production, service and promotion of the enterprise based on the actual needs of the dealers

in addition, the communication between enterprises and dealers should be strengthened, so as to minimize errors in the whole sales channel and reduce the risk of miscalculation. Therefore, while expanding channels, coating enterprises should not ignore the management and maintenance of existing channels. Only by consolidating existing resources and accumulating funds can we have the strength to compete for greater market space

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