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The development of the coating industry must not enter these four forms

the development of the coating industry must not enter these four forms

august 19, 2020

reflection: the four major forms of the coating industry check whether the electromechanical equipment is damaged = suicide

form 1: want to make money, do not want to spend money

this is a common problem in the coating industry, and few enterprises pay attention to the public welfare undertakings of the industry and undertake the society. In order to make money, some enterprises have resorted to all means to squeeze the profits of upstream suppliers, suppress downstream dealers, and even fail to honor their promises; Some enterprises are easy to get rich and lack the sense of hardship. However, some enterprises cut corners and deceive consumers, which is the main reason why many "formaldehyde doors" have not responded, because it violates the basic moral bottom line of enterprises. Only when we firmly recognize our own products and think about the industry before and after can we have the determination to sue the Administration for Industry and commerce. The public commitment of the paint company mentioned above to the society that "consumers who exceed the standard of formaldehyde can get 200000 yuan of high compensation" reflects the courage and social heart of the enterprise. We must carry forward and adhere to the enterprise. This is also the spirit that the enterprise needs to carry forward in its operation

therefore, as an entrepreneur, we must find out what is the purpose of making money? I remember that Yi Fajiu once said in his speech that "entrepreneurs must understand money. Money is a thing that can be brought to life, but why take it to death?" Therefore, enterprises not only make money, but also want to think about how to spend money, such as employee welfare, dealer support, advertising promotion, public welfare activities and so on. They are all adding value to the brand. However, how many companies in the coating industry have scientific and standardized brand systems

form 2: look at yesterday, do not want tomorrow

the paint price war has never subsided, and it is in full swing. The price of a barrel of paint can be seen from 1280-1080-980-880-660-380. How should an enterprise feel? Isn't this suicide? The price was originally the lubricant for coatings to enter the market, but it was unexpectedly used as a lifesaver by some enterprises. Price war is the worst policy for enterprises to survive. This year's May Day is a good photo. Many businesses once hit a 40% discount, but their sales performance has not improved. In fact, as a coating in the durable goods industry, price is not the main factor affecting consumption. According to the survey, 60% of consumers think that quality and environmental protection are important, 20% of consumers think that style is important, 15% of consumers think that after-sales service is important, and only 5% of consumers think that price is important by taking advantage of the policy of made in China 2025. However, the coating enterprises often do work that is not conducive to brand development for short-term share. The price war not only reduces the grade of the brand, but also hurts the profits of the enterprise. In addition, it overdrafts the market in advance, making the enterprise fall into a vicious circle of the market. As a result, the brand cannot get good soil and sufficient nutrients, and its life will soon be long

form 3: love fire fighting, do not want fire prevention

many enterprises in the coating industry have low levels, small patterns, and shallow boundaries. Some are unable to communicate at all, and some enterprises do not know what marketing strategy is. Many enterprises, like an old ox pulling a cart, only know to work hard, but do not know to look up at the road for resources, planning and preparation. Many enterprises are in a hurry to get on the bus first, then buy tickets, and then turn around when they find something wrong. Among the coating enterprises I know, there are many who meet with temporary cramming. Only when the dealers come to the door do they find the design company to carry out image packaging; The ads have to be cut off before they start looking for people to design pictures. What does the fire brigade do? Most people say it is for fire fighting. In fact, it is for fire fighting. If it is for fire fighting, no matter how big or small, there will always be losses! Enterprises lack systematic planning, and they are all temporarily patting their heads. When some enterprises make plans, it is often how much they want to sell this year? How large is it? When will it be available? What industry benchmark? In fact, this seemingly right strategy ignores the scientific basis and implementation details, and often ends up just on paper. However, to achieve the above goals, environment, opportunity, manpower, strategy and other factors are very important. If your product is good enough, you miss the sales opportunity, you have the wrong sales target, or you use the wrong sales method, can your strategy be achieved? Therefore, I believe that an enterprise should have the awareness of fire prevention, systematically plan the market situation, industry dynamics, manpower deployment and other aspects, and implement them as planned, which is the foundation of enterprise management

form 4: love yourself but not others

the reason why many enterprises are not successful is that they do not know what is wrong with their own enterprises? He always feels good about himself, lacks crisis awareness, knows little about brand planning, and is unfavorable to the control of sales channels. He blindly introduces professional managers, but he can't provide the professional managers with the soil to survive. He sets obstacles everywhere, which is really harmful to others and himself. In addition, professional managers in the coating industry lack professionalism and professionalism. They are always self righteous about what I want and what I should do from the position of the enterprise. Therefore, it is difficult for enterprises to find suitable people, even if they do, they will not be used well. As a result, entrepreneurs do not believe in professional managers, and professional managers lack a sense of belonging, which makes the coating industry fall into the dilemma of "lack of talents". Why do some people suffer and others are happy? Because many people are filled with hatred in their hearts. Many people think that the society is unfair to them, and they always feel that they are victims of the society. Without a grateful attitude, they can't find the motivation to work. In fact, each of us should thank this industry. It is this industry that has given us money and experience. We should also thank our partners who have supported the growth of the enterprise with their own hard work and efforts. The success of an enterprise begins with changing itself to care for others, from an enterprise legal person to an industry representative, from single competition to win-win cooperation, from focusing on production and sales to technology and brand, and from price competition to value competition; Only when the management changes from advertising promotion to brand if n=3, then n=1, can we move towards a broad road of brand prosperity

nowadays, although many coating brand manufacturers are spending a lot of money on brand image construction and promotion to build brand personality and style, the brand influence has become weaker and weaker in the minds of consumers. In today's market environment, there are more and more unstable factors in brand building, and brand development is increasingly threatened by a variety of external environments. Many enterprises are unconsciously taking different forms here and there. However, these blind measures are forming an invisible blade with a little additives, killing the young lives of many brands. All results must have their own reasons. Please remember that "I am the root of everything". Facing the current brand dilemma of China's coating industry, killers should reflect on how to focus on the growth of the industry and create a century old brand based on improving the sustainable profitability of the enterprise. This is the fundamental way for the coating industry to move towards a benign future

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