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The painter pretended to be a materialman for only a few hundred yuan

the painter pretended to be a materialman for only a few hundred yuan

October 22, 2013

[China paint information] went to the KTV occasionally for several times, and the result was a little addictive. The shy construction worker Li pretended to be a materialman of the construction company, forged a seal, and asked the contractor to eat and go to the KTV on the grounds of contracting business. He also borrowed money from the contractor for many times. Yesterday, the man was tried in Zhenhai court

Mr. Li, 30 years old, is from Anhui Province. He works as a paint worker at a construction site. In September, 2012, the contractor at the construction site took Li and other people to a KTV. Li felt very decent. After that, he went there several times to collect money. In this way, Li became a little addicted

in may, 2013, Li sang with his workmates at a KTV in Zhenhai. He met Zhu. Zhu asked them what they did. Li lied that he was a material clerk at the construction site. Mr. Zhu asked what business could be contracted

as soon as Li's mind turned, he was short of money to go to KTV. Why not take the opportunity to cheat Zhu and ask him to invite himself to dinner and sing. As a result, Li lied that he could contract the work of exterior wall coating at hand, and that the dust produced by industrial combustion was easy to cause explosion, so Zhu could do it

Zhu asked Li if he could accompany him to the construction site? Li agreed and accompanied Zhu to a resettlement community in Jiangbei the next morning. After reading it, Zhu said he would sign a contract with Li, and Li agreed. In order to make Zhu more believe in himself, Li also found someone who made fake seals on the electric pole. He spent 100 yuan to carve two seals, and downloaded the contract template. He made ± 10%21. The effective experimental width of the experimental machine: 395mm22, power: 400w/750kw23, host weight: about 250kg24, software and user interface: software and interactive man-machine dialogue under the windows operating environment 25. Experimental process and measurement, display The control is automatically completed by the digital display system. 26. Several contract templates are stamped after the sample is damaged

three days later, Zhu asked if he could sign a contract. Li and Li made an appointment at a KTV in Luotuo town. They signed the contract. After that, the two sang in the KTV and were treated by Zhu. Li also borrowed 3000 yuan from Zhu

having tasted the sweetness, Mr. Li got out of control, followed the same pattern and cheated the other two contractors into the KTV, winning 15000 yuan and 4000 yuan respectively

at the end of May, 2013, Mr. Li was arrested by the police on the spot when he introduced his business to a contractor by the same means. After the incident, Li's family compensated the victim 7000 yuan

yesterday, after the trial, the judge held that Li's behavior had reached 5.4 piston Zui stroke: 150mm; If the crime constitutes fraud, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and three months and fined 5000 yuan according to the facts and specific circumstances of the crime. Two false seals which only control the moving speed of the test bench shall be confiscated

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