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The coating industry fell into a "strange circle", Haite broke through the "strange circle" with "quality"

the coating industry fell into a "strange circle" jjg1136 ⑵ 017 did not select the valley value as the evaluation parameter of cyclic torque, Haite broke through the "quality"

March 25, 2019

house price has always been a hot topic of public concern, and the "decoration" closely related to the house is also a headache. The house bought at a high cost has seriously affected the comfort of life due to "loopholes" in various decoration details. I believe everyone will be very worried, right

the brands of small workshops are in chaos, and the counterfeit products are uneven

especially the problem of leakage. We often hear the owners of the community complain, "the decoration of the kitchen and bathroom at home is really poor, and it often leaks water", "and the elongation is not large. The walls are wet and cracked, seriously affecting the beauty", "within a few years of decoration, there are various leakage problems" Most of these reasons are related to the use of waterproof coating in the decoration process. According to the industry, according to incomplete statistics, the economic losses caused by decoration leakage each year exceed more than 3trillion yuan for Chinese coatings

in the past, when the decoration was still in the "translucent" state, most people did not realize the importance of waterproof coating. Moreover, since the quality problems of building waterproof materials often take 3-5 years to show up, it is difficult for consumers to clearly identify the quality of waterproof building materials at the beginning. As a result, many "small workshops" brands without certificates have appeared in the industry. The building waterproof industry has been in a state of mixed fish and dragons for a long time, with uneven products and difficult to sort out the market chaos

in recent years, many manufacturing dens have been found out, and counterfeit products are confused with real ones, which makes it more difficult for consumers to protect their own rights and interests. They often spend unjustified money and buy inferior products, resulting in various water leakage problems and seriously affecting the comfort of life

however, just because of this, the market urgently needs to reverse this mess and vigorously improve the building waterproof treatment standard. In recent years, the market concentration has increased rapidly, which also provides a strong market demand foundation for the next home decoration waterproof industry and brings good development

water based waterproof coating JS has become the "new favorite" of building waterproofing.

in recent years, water-based waterproof coating has gradually become the new favorite of the market with its higher quality and comprehensive waterproof performance. Its appearance has greatly solved the disadvantages of short service life, difficult maintenance in the later stage, insufficient cleaning and environmental protection of ordinary waterproof materials. For example, if the waterproof coiled material is damaged, degummed or leaked at any part after construction, the waterproof function of the whole layer connected with it will be lost. If the damaged and defective parts cannot be found, the waterproofing can only be redone. The water-based coating gives full play to the comprehensive performance advantages of waterproof function, and brings "quality" guarantee for the waterproof of new building decoration

experts pointed out that the rise of water-based coatings can be said to be a breakthrough in the field of traditional coatings. JS (polymer cement waterproof coating) is a new waterproof coating with high elasticity, high strength and excellent water resistance. It has unique properties such as non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free and easy construction. It breaks the limitations of traditional waterproof building materials and leads the field of building waterproofing to a new wind vane, The development trend of composite materials science is one of the most active research fields in the coating industry

Haite holds high the banner of "quality" and creates a high-quality brand image

Haite waterproof, as an excellent brand occupying a place in the field of water-based coatings, has won public praise in the coating market by virtue of the quality strength of high-quality products. From water-based adhesives, waterproof coatings (JS) to building environmental protection materials, we have continuously developed leading building energy-saving materials and water-based adhesives, effectively solved various waterproof problems in the decoration process, greatly improved the waterproof quality of buildings, and established the brand image of "high quality, health, safety and environmental protection" of Haite products in the market

after more than 20 years of brand precipitation, Haite has been deeply loved by the common people for its excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service, and it is among the top ten brands in the waterproof material market. The product category covers most important varieties of new building waterproof materials in China. It is very impressive both in terms of production line scale and brand product quality

harvest consumer reputation. Product quality is the "hard core"

compared with pursuing the "brand" label, Haite pays more attention to pursuing "quality". The paint products produced and developed by the company can provide more favorable conditions for the export of China's plastic extruders. It is said that from the production line, we will strictly strive to be meticulous, detail + focus + careful polishing, and create proud Haite quality! Haite has successively established strong R & D centers and standardized production bases in Foshan and Jiangmen, Guangdong. It has an excellent technical R & D team to vigorously develop the world's leading high-quality water-based adhesives and waterproof building materials and coatings, and is committed to promoting the use concept of domestic water-based adhesives and waterproof coatings to be in line with the international advanced level

during the market visit, it was found that during the peak decoration season in recent years, Haite once had the phenomenon that "the supply of products exceeds the demand", with a large number of repeat customers and a large number of new customers introduced by old customers. This is based on the high trust in the quality of Haite waterproof coating. Dealing with users with real products in recent years is the key to reaping user stickiness

innovation and breakthrough, looking to the future and achieving win-win results

only by continuously improving the brand strength and product competitiveness, and enhancing the brand premium, can we occupy an advantage in the market competition. At present, for Haite enterprises with 25 years of brand strength, they have the advantage of leading the industry. The two-way empowerment of brand + word of mouth is a professional brand worthy of investment and trust

Haite executives said that under the big blue ocean, Haite's development in the future will continue to seek breakthroughs in product process upgrading and construction simplification, carry out product R & D and innovation with the actual needs of customers as the core, enhance the competitive advantage of products, and provide a solid and strong brand backing for distribution partners to go hand in hand to achieve win-win results

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