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Coating giants are optimistic about the additive market

february 16, 2013 news: International Coating giants are optimistic about the additive market. According to experts, additives are one of the raw materials of coatings. A small amount of additives can greatly improve the efficacy and performance of coatings, improve the film performance, and help to realize the personalization of commodities. The coating film shall have various properties and special effects. To meet these requirements, the key between various characteristics must be coordinated. Therefore, it is a difficult problem for the coating industry to fully grasp the characteristics of the main raw materials such as resins, pigments and solvents. The fluidity, dispersity, levelness and clarity of paint are related to the coating effect. The use of additives is the key to improve the added value of products. However, improper use or excessive addition will cause the opposite effect

according to experts, additives can increase the adhesion of paint, prevent mold growth and improve the overall performance of paint. The slow economic recovery in 2012 slowed down the growth rate of the overall market demand. In 2013, the additive market can be completed successively after being set once; However, it is affected by the troubled economy. However, foreign coating giants Troy, Dow Chemical, akoma and other enterprises are optimistic about the market. For example, Jeffrey brown, global marketing manager of Dow Chemical coating materials, said that Dow Chemical would launch new additive products in 2013 to reduce VOC and improve the appearance and coating function of coating products. Ashland special additives, a business unit of Ashland group, has carried out continuous R & D and innovation for natrosol hydroxyethyl cellulose products

at the China International Coatings exhibition held in Guangzhou from November 28 to 30, 2012, Ashland launched a new natrosol Performax hydroxyethyl cellulose with breakthrough coating thickening technology. The new natrosol Performax product series is a special hydroxyethyl cellulose thickener with various viscosity specifications, which can enable coating manufacturers to obtain a new and perfect experience in production flexibility and quality man-machine dialogue control. This technology enables the hydroxyethyl cellulose particles to disperse rapidly and thoroughly under the condition of low-speed shear of the coating. It is expected that China's additive market will continue to be in trouble in 2013. Despite the difficulties in the additive Market in 2013, the coating giant did not give up this market and made continuous product innovation in the additive market. With the increasingly sophisticated product technology, the project has carried out the production technology development of UHV transmission insulation structural parts, the production technology development of cross-linked polyethylene ultra-high voltage insulation materials, the development of wide-range preparation technology of high-performance boron carbide ceramics The research and development of preparation technology for boron carbide based nuclear protective materials, the research and utilization of special porous ceramics and their composites, the development and production of key technologies for the industrialization of high-performance copper-clad aluminum conductor materials, and the R & D agent market will not be very difficult

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