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On January 17, 2014, Xiangcheng branch of industry and Commerce received a report from the public that someone was producing fake paint in a factory building in Yingpan village of Xiangcheng. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene with their anti perspiration and water effects, and seized more than 150 barrels of counterfeit latex paint of other brands and more than 5 tons of raw materials

after receiving the report, the law enforcement officers rushed to the scene to crouch until 19:00 that night and controlled the suspect when he was preparing to produce paint. More than 150 barrels of fake red flag, mingrun, xinfeiyang and other six brands of emulsion paint and wall paint were found at the scene, more than 400 empty barrels, and more than 5 tons of raw materials were used to produce emulsion paint and wall paint

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the coating individual purchased 5 tons of raw materials to produce fake brand emulsion paint

after investigation, the party concerned, Mr. Yang, is an individual industrial and commercial household producing coatings and also has his own product brand. However, due to his poor popularity as other brands, he had the idea of making fake

the law enforcement officer of Xiangcheng industrial and commercial branch said that it also made it possible for these non-metallic materials to be industrialized in large quantities. Yang used the factory name and address falsely, and was suspected of unfair competition and trademark infringement

it is understood that in early December last year, the Bureau launched two efforts to promote the "hundred day sword" action before the new material development Festival, and increased the inspection of key parts such as rural areas, urban-rural fringe, stations, etc. at present, it has investigated and dealt with the school running enthusiasm of more than 200 entry-level schools, which are not very enthusiastic about selling fake goods

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