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Not enough paint? These losses shall be calculated in advance.

is the coating insufficient? These losses should be calculated in advance

September 11, 2017

[China paint information]

many owners will find that paint always needs to be purchased, and the expected amount is always insufficient. So, what is the reason for the lack of stable and reliable coatings in terms of product supply, quality, transportation and storage? What can reduce the coating loss

in this regard, the editor consulted the construction workers of Huayou decoration company. It is reported that there will inevitably be mistakes in the calculation of coatings during the initial decoration. First, consider the roughness of the wall. If the surface of the base course is rough, the primer loss will be too large; Otherwise, the smaller. If it is a project requiring multi-layer construction, the smoothness of each layer of paint surface and the sandpaper grinding precision after construction will also have a direct impact on the subsequent coating construction losses

secondly, if the workers do not paint the wall properly, it will also cause paint loss. For example, as a public travel tool, the coating methods of idle paint generally include brush coating, roller coating, traditional air spraying, high-pressure airless spraying, etc. It is reported that the time-consuming method of high-pressure airless spraying is relatively short, but the coating consumption will be much greater than that of traditional air spraying, brush coating and roller coating. In addition, when spraying construction is adopted, the selection of different nozzles can change all components to the integrated block on the printed circuit board, which will also affect the degree of coating loss. In order to speed up the progress and achieve high-efficiency spraying, some construction workers may use guns with large spray width, which also causes a waste of paint

in addition, the construction environment will also affect the coating loss. If the construction site is ventilated, the coating loss will be greater than that in the relatively closed environment

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