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The coating industry and steel industry should establish an efficient industrial chain. The coating industry and steel industry should establish an efficient industrial chain. On October 8, 2004, more than 300 representatives from the coating industry, steel and other related industries had extensive exchanges on the current situation and development prospects of the color plate coating market at the 21st national coating industry information annual conference and the second international color plate and coating and tactile soft material coating forum held in Beijing on September 19. The participants unanimously agreed with lishijun, Deputy Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Industry Association: coated steel plate has closely linked the iron and steel industry with the coating industry, and has become one of the most dynamic steel products in China. In order to make this industry develop healthily, the coating industry and the iron and steel industry should not only form a strategic alliance and establish an efficient supply chain, but also change the growth mode and achieve technological leadership in process technology and product development

Changjiang pan, vice director of China Coating Industry Association, pointed out at the meeting that after more than 20 years of development, China's color plate coating has made great progress and has initially formed an industry. In particular, at present, scientific research institutions in the chemical and metallurgical industries have joined forces with each other in terms of coating materials, complemented each other's advantages, and spontaneously cooperated to develop projects with independent intellectual property rights, which can be said to be a sign of the maturity of China's color plate coating industry. She stressed that the development of color plate coatings requires not only the support of national policies and government departments, but also the joint efforts of industry organizations, scientific research institutions and enterprises. Only extensive cooperation and joint market expansion can make the color plate coating industry, which has the advantage of late development, develop in a healthy direction

According to zhaoxiaodong, director of the National Paint Industry Information Center, China's color plate output surged from 320000 tons of transmission systems in 1999 to 1.45 million tons in 2003, with a production capacity of 7.7 million tons. Too much investment has brought a severe test to this emerging industry. In order to keep up with the rapid development of Caiyou data, and further meet the needs of coating raw materials, manufacturing and application units, the exchange scope of this forum has been expanded from the traditional coating industry to all industry chains related to coating. Among them, the testing standards of non coating industries such as Angang and Baosteel are also continuously optimized to meet the needs of the development of the period, with representatives accounting for 1/3 of the total number

at the meeting, Garnett Simmons, the representative of the European Color Painting Association, also gave a detailed introduction to the organization, tasks and specific work of the European Color Painting Association

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