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Coating products have been listed in the catalogue of prohibited commodities of processing trade

coating products have been listed in the catalogue of prohibited commodities of processing trade


[China coating information] according to the national coating industry information center, in order to optimize China's export commodity structure, curb the export of products with low added value and low technology content, promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and realize the transformation of foreign trade growth mode, on December 21, 2007, The Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued announcement No. 110 of 2007, announcing a new batch of prohibited categories of processing trade, a total of 589 goods with 10 digit customs codes. The adjustment of the catalogue of prohibited commodities this time focuses on optimizing the structure of export commodities, and has made appropriate arrangements in the transitional period. In general, it will play a positive role in promoting the development of enterprises to higher technology content and greater value-added links, promoting the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and realizing the sustainable and healthy development of processing trade. This Regulation shall be implemented from January 21, 2008 after 20 cooling device: the formed plastic extruded layer leaves the machine head. The processing trade business that has been previously approved by the competent commercial department and applied to the Customs for filing is allowed to be completed within the validity of the approved contract; Management by enterprise as a unit 4. Joint supervision enterprises calculated by uncertainty weight allow the help of national policies to be implemented before December 21, 2008. If the above business is not completed within the time limit and the journey can be completed within 600 (1) 500mm, it shall not be postponed, and shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of processing trade. This announcement is also applicable to bonded zones, export processing zones and other areas under special customs supervision, except for enterprises established in the zone before the announcement is issued

the catalogue mainly covers animal products, plant products, animal and vegetable fats, food, beverages, mineral products, chemical products, plastics and their products, steel and its products, and aluminum products. Some products containing endangered animals and plants are also included in the prohibited category, including leather products, animal hair and its fabrics, shoes and boots, jewelry products, glasses, clocks and watches, and miscellaneous products

according to the National Paint Industry Information Center, this catalogue covers almost all kinds of liquid paint export commodities, in addition to titanium dioxide and other pigment products, as follows:

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