Decoration effect drawing of small duplex building

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When it comes to duplex buildings, the word "mansion" will pop up in your mind. With the diversification of design, duplex design is also popular in small and medium-sized apartment types, which can make the home decoration look more tasteful and increase the functional range. Next, Wuhan home decoration network editor will share with you several decoration renderings of small apartment duplex buildings, which you can refer to

in this small duplex decoration effect picture, simple decoration is very generous. In small apartment types, decoration can be simplified to make life the best and simpler. It is also a kind of life attitude. People have long pursued a low-carbon and environmental friendly lifestyle. The living room is simply divided into three parts. The kitchen is an independent space, the closed kitchen is the most appropriate, and the living room and dining room are a large space, It can make the pace of life more integrated

the design of small family duplex building should make full use of every inch of space to decorate the most feasible design. It is excellent to have more practical functions and save more space. At the upstairs corner of the duplex building, the accommodation space fixed on the wall is excellent. It can be used as a place for storing goods and a bookshelf area, which can make full use of indoor space for effective decoration

the decoration of the discount duplex building highlights a new Chinese design style, a fusion of classical and modern, which makes life more different, changes our life from the previous style, and makes life more harmonious with a new face. Such a tasteful design style, with wooden furniture as a highlight, the new Chinese tasteful decoration makes your home environment full of taste





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