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Now there are various styles of customized wardrobe, and consumers are also "messy and charming". In this regard, Stanley wardrobe teaches you how to choose the right wardrobe from a professional perspective

now many people like to buy customized wardrobe, but it is really difficult to choose what kind of customized wardrobe. Now there are various styles of customized wardrobe, and consumers are also "messy and charming". In this regard, Stanley wardrobe teaches you how to choose the right wardrobe from a professional perspective

look at the plate

the external characteristics of color, pattern and style are very important, but when looking at the plate, we should pay more attention to the internal quality and environmental protection. Board is face, which is as important as human face. It is definitely not a choice to be affected by moisture, deformation and discoloration. The common base materials of wardrobe board (i.e. bare board) include particleboard, solid wood particle board, rice and wheat straw board (usually beautified as Hexiang board), density board, moisture-proof board, multilayer board, etc. Each kind of board has different advantages and disadvantages, such as the common density board, which is easy to shape, fine material, but not moisture-proof, and easy to deform when bearing for a long time; Although the production cost of the plate made of rice and wheat straw is low, it is easy to residue the pesticide components of crops, affect people's health, and its bearing capacity is poor, and it is easy to deform after long-term use; Better brands mostly use high-quality solid wood particle compression board. Because it is a board made of broken and pressed tree trunks, it has stronger nail holding force and better anti deformation and moisture-proof effect

in addition to the base material, it also depends on the edge banding and cover of the plate. High quality wardrobes will generally use German Haomai's large-scale edge banding machine for edge banding. The edge banding is round, without burrs, and will not crack after long-term use; The cover will basically use high-quality imported materials, which will be better in terms of environmental protection, scratch resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention and so on. Some responsible big brands will put a watermark anti-counterfeiting logo similar to RMB on the surface of their plates to protect the rights and interests of consumers, rather than just using general technology to put a logo on the edge banding

second, look at environmental protection

in the 1980s, people bought quality, liked in the 1990s, and health in the 21st century. The wardrobe is mainly used in the bedroom, and the ventilation of the bedroom is relatively poor, so environmental protection is very critical, especially for families with old people and children. Therefore, environmental protection is the top priority when choosing a wardrobe

the wardrobe seen in the market can be divided into "semi environmental protection" and "full environmental protection". Semi environmental protection: that is, the environmental protection of the substrate (bare board). Now many brands publicize E1, E0 and even the boastful zero formaldehyde (concept hype), which refers to the environmental protection of the substrate before the cover and edge banding, which is the most likely to mislead consumers. In fact, the environmental protection of the base material does not mean that the wardrobe is environmentally friendly. It also depends on whether the veneer, edge bonding glue, aluminum alloy, etc. are environmentally friendly. Only when these are environmentally friendly, the whole wardrobe is environmentally friendly, and such a wardrobe is "fully environmentally friendly". When choosing veneers and glues, good brands will also strictly control environmental protection. For example, German shatter polymer organic film and German Henkel glue have very good credibility and environmental protection reputation. The plates with such high-quality edges and covers belong to the category of "all environmental protection"

therefore, when choosing a wardrobe, we should no longer only look at the environmental protection level of the substrate (bare board) advertised by the manufacturer, but also whether the whole is environmentally friendly. Of course, we should not be confused by the concept of unnecessary patterns

three look at hardware

for customized wardrobe products, the core is hardware. The key to judge the quality of a wardrobe and how long it can be used depends on what hardware it uses, because problems in customized wardrobe will basically be reflected in hardware. The wardrobe with top brand hardware will generally be used for ten years, eight years or even longer without problems, while the wardrobe with ordinary hardware will basically have sliding door deformation, rail jumping, drawer sliding is not smooth, squeaking, etc. in about 2-3 years, and even the three in one connector is broken, which will lead to the deformation of the whole wardrobe

the hardware of customized wardrobe mainly includes sliding door frame, track, pulley, drawer guide rail, three in one connector, hinge, clothes hanging rod, etc. The frame and track of high-quality brands will use polymer aluminum alloy (also known as aluminum titanium magnesium alloy), which has good deformation and rust resistance and can be used for a longer time; It should be noted that the pulley of the sliding door is the core of the customized wardrobe, which should not be underestimated. The best one can achieve lifelong warranty

four look at installation

customized wardrobe sent to your home is only a semi-finished product, and the installation of this program is extremely critical. If there is a problem with the installation, no matter how good the brand or product is, it will not work. High quality brands will have their own professional installation team. They work hard, treat people politely, and more importantly, they are skilled. The cabinets installed by high-tech workers have even small gaps, straight door panels, and good overall effect. Some small problems can be basically solved on site without causing you more trouble

therefore, you can't just look at the surface when choosing a wardrobe. You must ask more questions and understand more. You can choose a satisfactory wardrobe from four aspects: plate, environmental protection, hardware and installation





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