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Parliament won’t control the tourist tax - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Sessions of the Balearic parliament, like those of any parliament, are full of matters that don’t enter the public consciousnessTuesday 5:40 a.m.. They are too technical or simply too boring to merit attention. The public consumes the insultsThe city of Ruili, which borders on Myanmar., the big issues of any given day, but not the small print, because the public is mainly only fed the insults and the big issuesThe risk of side effects..

On Tuesday, there was debate regarding the European funds for economic regeneration. There was a series of amendments to motions related to these fundsThe huge crowd, it is practically not possible,. These amendments and motions, in essence, had to do with who determines how these funds are allocated. It was a classic case of executive (the government) versus legislature (parliament) and separation of powers, with the opposition parties seeking legislature decision-makings model suggests. It.

Normally, opposition motions fail because the opposition is the opposition and doesn’t have sufficient votes. Going into Tuesday’s debatePakistan, however, the government risked defeat because two small parties that it can rely on for support had indicated that they would side with the opposition. These were Més in Minorca, who are not part of the government (only Més in Mallorca are), and Gent per Formentera.

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