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Seven trends in the development of the global corrugated box industry

at present, the Asian market has become the mainstream market of the global corrugated property market, which has also shown the color box market recently. Europe stresses high-quality printing. In Europe, the semi chemical pulp used in the corrugated box industry has not changed much, the consumption of low gram weight paper is increasing, and the application of recycled materials is increasing

based on the situation around the world, it is not difficult to find that there are seven major trends in the development of the corrugated box industry in the world. For example, the development of cutting marks in the production of corrugated paper in the middle plate of a moving car has made it possible to use preprinted cartons; New technology makes the development of high-quality flexographic direct printing possible and greatly improves the printing quality; The improvement of photosensitive printing plate quality provides better accuracy, while the development of water-based flexographic printing improves the printing quality; More and more lithography and direct printing of micro corrugated board are used; The introduction of digital printing machine; The use of corrugated board coated lining paper has greatly improved the surface quality of the printing table in the past two years; micro corrugated paper manufacturers such as F-Line, g-line and n-line may enter the commercial field of cartons.

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