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SF ultra-thin fire retardant coating is promoted as a new product

SF ultra-thin fire retardant coating is promoted as a new product

April 11, 2002

Jiangsu Lanling chemical group is a science and technology leading enterprise, and built its own R & D building 10 years ago

, The company's products have developed to 123 series and more than 400 varieties, which have been widely used in military industry, metallurgy, fire protection,

construction and other fields. The SF ultra-thin fire retardant coating developed by this enterprise has been listed as a key new product promotion by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. It has been used in the Hong Kong hall, Macao hall and large banquet hall of the Great Hall of the people at the same time, and has been exported overseas, achieving good economic and social benefits. In order to expand the new market, the company's GB 6096 (2) 009-t safety belt test method stipulates the static load test method of the main belt and safety rope. The company also invested more than one million yuan to establish a color coil coating laboratory. Recently, it has passed the appraisal of the provincial economic and Trade Commission and the Department of science and technology. The contribution rate of new scientific and technological products to the company's product appearance and performance in all aspects is more than 50% on average every year

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