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SFAE has won praise from customers for its high-quality service and professional performance

recently, a thank-you letter from Shanghai turbine works (STC) focused everyone's attention on Jiang Zhensheng, an engineer in the engineering department. STC spoke highly of Jiang Zhensheng's professionalism and professional technical ability in many profile milling reconstruction projects of the plant, and expressed gratitude to him

Jiang Zhensheng, as a core Engineer in the machine tool transformation business, has been working hard, and his modesty and manners will cause damage to the instrument; In particular, the temperature measurement and sampling procedures of steel-making are active and the skills are improved quickly. Especially in recent years, he has successfully completed the transformation of two nx154, two nx155 and one 2000hd blade milling at STC, and the other 2000hd project is under implementation. In 2006, the company undertook the nx155 transformation project from STC. This is the first time that SFAE has done the transformation of five axis Unicom, which often only has a few MV moving blade milling. It is a challenge for Jiang Zhensheng, but he took the initiative to undertake the task. After hard work, research and good cooperation with users, the project was very successful. As a result, we have won the trust of users, and have successively received the reconstruction projects of the next five sets, and the technical difficulty of the projects is gradually increasing

of course, the successful and excellent completion of one project after another cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the team. The praise given by customers is not only the recognition of engineers, but also the recognition of the whole service team and the company. In the STC project team, sales manager zhangxingkai, project manager Luowengang and Chang Xuqin gave strong support to the project engineers in the implementation of the project. With the joint efforts of everyone, SFAE has handed over a satisfactory answer sheet for users

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