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Design of coke plant production scheduling system based on fix

based on the analysis of the current situation and requirements of a coke plant production scheduling system, a monitoring system scheme based on FIX configuration software and can bus technology is designed and implemented. The operation results show that the system is reliable, advanced and economical

1. Introduction

monitoring configuration software is the product of the development of computer technology and monitoring technology. The concept of "configuration" is well known by the vast number of production automation technicians with the emergence of distributed control system. Monitoring configuration software is a software platform tool for monitoring and data acquisition. It has rich setting items, flexible use methods and powerful functions. When the monitoring configuration software first appeared, man-machine interface was its main content. With its rapid development, the wide support of i/o equipment by real-time database, real-time control, SCADA, communication and open data interface has become its main content. The main purpose of configuration software is to make users do not need to modify the source code of the software when generating an application system suitable for their own needs, which greatly shortens the software development time, reduces the development cost, and has powerful functions and reliable operation

fieldbus is a special networking technology designed to replace EPS in transportation and packaging. According to the definition of iec1158, fieldbus is "a serial, digital, bidirectional transmission and multi branch communication network between field equipment and instruments installed in the production process area and automatic control devices and systems in the control room". Like other networks, the network system of Fieldbus also has several layer protocols of OSI. In this sense, it has the same properties as ordinary network systems; However, fieldbus is developed for industrial field, so it has incomparable advantages in industrial field

2. The overall scheme design

2.1 user requirements

provides real-time data for the dispatcher of the coking plant, and the production technology data and equipment operation status data of each workshop of the whole plant can be observed intuitively in the dispatching room. These real-time data are the key to give full play to human and material resources efficiently and realize automation; The production data of the whole plant can be monitored, processed, stored, printed and out of limit alarm in the dispatching room; The monitoring computer software requires graphical human-machine interface

2.2 bus selection

nowadays, there are several main fieldbuses: FF foundation fieldbus, LonWorks bus, PROFIBUS bus, can bus, etc. Through comparative analysis, we finally choose can bus

can bus is introduced by Bosch Company in Germany and has been designated as an international standard by ISO international standards organization. It has been supported by large companies such as Motorola, Intel, Philip, Siemens, NEC and so on, and has been widely used. Can bus is also one of the earliest field buses in China, and its application technology and related products have entered the mature stage. When the communication rate is 5kb/s, there is no need for repeaters, and the transmission distance can reach 10km, which fully meets our wiring requirements in the plant. Its transmission medium is twisted pair. The maximum number of equipment that can be connected is 110, which meets the requirements of acquisition points in the plant

can bus is a master-slave working mode with multiple master stations. Any node of the network can actively send information to other nodes on the network at any time, regardless of master and slave, and the communication is flexible. Using this feature can easily form a multi-level backup system. Every frame of its information has CRC check and other inspection measures to ensure a very low error rate of data. Based on the above characteristics, we believe that can bus is a reliable, efficient and mature technology, which can meet the engineering requirements

2.3 configuration software selection

according to customer requirements, the man-machine interface should be friendly and the software function should be powerful, so as to facilitate subsequent redevelopment, we chose FIX software of intellution company. According to PCWEEK special report, the top ranking of industrial control configuration software in the world are fix DMACS for windows of Intel Corporation, InTouch of Wonderware Corporation, factorylink of - ta Corporation, plantworks of IBM Corporation, onspec of heuristics Corporation, genesis of iconics Corporation and paragon of Intel controls Corporation. The above software generally supports the field equipment of world-renowned manufacturers. Considering the performance and manufacturer's requirements, the system adopts FIX configuration software

fix software integrates control technology, human-machine interface technology, graphics technology, database technology and network technology, including dynamic display, alarm, trend, control strategy, control network communication and other components. It provides a friendly user interface, so that users can generate their own application software without writing a lot of code

3. System structure

the name usually carries the workpiece tested. The industrial monitoring system of coking plant is composed of RSM module, shielded twisted pair, three upper computers, two printers and a set of projection equipment. During normal operation, the two main upper computers work independently, and the two printers are connected to the two upper computers respectively. The other computer is used as backup data and connected to the projector to read the database data of either of the two upper computers; When one host is abnormal, read the data from the other. Do not easily disconnect the power supply. After the abnormal host restarts, copy the data from another host to complete the historical data

the CAN bus communication card and intelligent acquisition module in PC are the products of domestic Huakong company. However, fix does not support the equipment of China control, which requires the software of China control to complete the acquisition function, while the other functions are completed by fix. The communication between fix and China control software adopts DDE mode. After hucs configures each acquisition module on site, it collects data in real time from hardware and sends it to hkddeserver of China control, and fix obtains data from server through DDE client for further processing

4. Software design

4.1 interface design

fix provides powerful experimental graphic functions such as tensile properties, tensile strength and yield strength of metal materials such as man-machine anchor cable, marine anchor chain, marine anchor chain and cast steel anchor chain. It has its own material library and many examples. We designed a three-dimensional interface by using both the graphic elements in its material library and the graphic elements in the examples. The main selection screen has twelve buttons, including coke oven gas and blast furnace gas of coke ovens 1 to 4, coke oven 5, old decompression, new decompression, central pump room and purified yellow river water. Each button is represented by a bitmap, and the corresponding description text is added below the button

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