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SF consigned nearly 30 shells, and the safety of express air transportation was worrying

shortly after Yuantong, Yunda and other four companies were disqualified as freight forwarders, CAAC issued a new ticket. Beijing feilishi Logistics Co., Ltd. privately engraved the confirmation seal of China Southern Airlines, once again illegally consigned lithium batteries, and was cancelled the qualification of class II freight forwarder. CAAC requires all airlines to terminate their cooperation with the enterprise and not carry the goods they collect. At the same time, the more shocking news is that Hefei airport police station recently confirmed that there were nearly 30 shells in the cargo checked by SF express. In less than two months, five express logistics and freight companies have consigned dangerous goods in violation of regulations, which has forced air cargo safety to become the focus of public attention

■ the logistics company privately engraved the confirmation seal

consignment of lithium batteries

according to the relevant notice of the Beijing Administration of civil aviation, on November 7 this year, the capital airport security company was in the process of security inspection of a "computer" cargo sent by Beijing flix Logistics Co., Ltd. to Changsha, It was found that the lithium battery model of the non restricted goods transportation statement provided by flix was not in the lithium battery of China Southern Airlines, and 98% of the materials were recycled and returned to the production cycle list

after the cargo Department of China Southern Airlines Beijing Branch identified the statement, the confirmation seal stamped by flix on the "Declaration of non restricted goods transportation" was forged. At the same time, during the investigation, 17 blank "non restricted goods transportation statements" with forged confirmation seals were also found

China Aviation Association said that in view of the fact that flix illegally transported lithium batteries, engraved the confirmation seal of China Southern Airlines and stamped on the "Declaration on the transportation of non restricted goods", which has seriously affected the chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry, 21 items of the chemical industry ranked first in the normal flight safety, and the nature is very serious, it decided to cancel the qualification of Beijing flix class II freight forwarder, and asked all airlines to terminate their cooperation with the enterprise, Do not carry the goods it collects

■ SF illegally consigned nearly 30 shell shells

in addition, Hefei airport police station also confirmed that on November 25, Hefei airport police on duty received an alarm from the freight department that SF express consigned nearly 30 suspected shells in the cargo, which was undoubtedly proved to be shells after on-site evidence collection, and then handed over to the criminal police detachment of the Airport Public Security Bureau of Anhui Provincial Public Security Department

after investigation, it was found that nearly 30 shells consigned by SF Express were sent by a military enterprise to a chemical defense science and Technology Institute in Beijing for research purposes, and there was no gunpowder in the shells. Although it was just a shell, it still made all the staff on the scene sweat. Based on the principle of humanization, after confirming that the shell was free of fuse and gunpowder, the shell was returned to the victim and given a verbal warning. Hefei Airport Public Security said that although it is only a shell, it is still one of the prohibited goods that civil aviation does not consign, and such a large number of illegal consignments will also cause panic

■ the express industry is developing too fast

does not match the relevant laws and regulations

insiders pointed out that the current frequent phenomenon of illegal transportation of dangerous goods by express companies reflects the contradiction between the current expansion and development of China's express industry and the inability of relevant basic supporting facilities and laws and regulations to match. In order to pursue efficiency, couriers seldom take time to carefully check whether they violate the rules and exceed the standard for Express items in accordance with the regulations. Under the current conditions, it is also impossible to conduct X-ray inspection on each consignment collected at the door

secondly, in the current recession of air cargo and the dominance of express logistics industry, some express companies will naturally drill loopholes in relevant laws and regulations for the sake of pursuing interests, resulting in the continuous occurrence of shocking cold sweat concealment and illegal shipment of dangerous goods. Whether express companies can fundamentally eradicate the phenomenon of illegal transportation of dangerous goods, we should not only work hard on heavy fines, but also think about improving relevant laws and regulations


the Civil Aviation Administration denied receiving the application of Yuantong to prepare for the establishment of an airline.

the relevant person of the Civil Aviation Administration of China confirmed to this newspaper yesterday that the application for the establishment of an airline submitted by Yuantong Express has not been received at present. "We have also seen news that Yuantong has submitted an application to CAAC, but so far, we have not received any application from express companies for the preparation of airlines." The person said

according to media reports, a management of Yuantong Express said that in order to intervene in the upstream self delivery of parcels, Yuantong was applying to the Civil Aviation Administration for the establishment of its own airline. He also said that the airline to be built is headquartered in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, and plans to introduce its own all cargo aircraft to transport packages. At present, Yuantong has rented three all cargo planes of Yangtze River Express under HNA to and from Beijing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen every day. It is also reported that Shentong plans to acquire airlines to expand its express delivery territory

according to the analysis of civil aviation industry insiders, although the current e-commerce war has made express logistics very popular, the domestic civil aviation freight market has been like a fog for many years, and only you know the cold and warm. "The three airlines have been engaged in cargo transportation for so many years. If they make money, why rent planes for others?"

learned that the high-end market of air cargo is still controlled by foreign airlines. According to a statistical data of the Civil Aviation Administration, as of April this year, the composite polyurethane adhesives required by many domestic industries are dependent on imports or joint ventures. There are 46 airlines that have issued business licenses for public air transport enterprises, including 10 all cargo airlines. In 2011, a total of 106 foreign airlines flew in mainland China, including 18 all cargo airlines. The domestic cargo and mail market is mainly concentrated in East China, North China and South Central China

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