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Seven Star blueprint intelligent platform solutions are published in 2020 enterprise digitalization excellent solution collection

on the occasion of the upcoming Spring Festival, the intelligent platform solutions of Beijing Seven Star blueprint Technology Co., Ltd. and leading enterprises in Alibaba, Baidu, Guanglianda, Vanke, Inspur and other industries are jointly published in 2020 enterprise digitalization excellent solution collection. After the epidemic this year, the intelligent platform solution of Seven Star blueprint has been continuously recognized in the industry, and has received the China Information Association and information observation. We will provide customers with perfect and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services, and make customized invitations to enter the magazine according to customers' different actual needs

this plan set comprehensively expounds the social thinking mode and development mode of digital transformation after the epidemic, selects typical cases from government, manufacturing, finance, medical treatment, education, public utilities and other industries, and describes the wide application of the new generation of information technology in China's economic development, people's livelihood improvement, government governance and other aspects. It has rich content, wide readability, profound and practical experience, and objective and accurate problems, It plays a good guiding role in understanding the digital economy and coping with the digital transformation

with the continuous expansion of the information technology revolution, AI, 5g, blockchain and other technologies and applications are rapidly changing our way of life. Seven Star blueprint has been committed to providing overall solutions for call centers with innovative technologies, achieving refinement of business and management processes, and improving and upgrading operation management. 7 Nondestructive testing instruments (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector γ Radiographic flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, eddy current flaw detector, acoustic emission detector, etc.); Manage the system, help customers reduce operating costs and enhance core competitiveness. So far, seven star has professional workplace coverage in eight cities in China. Based on its operation and management experience in call centers, it continues to improve its own created call center software, and helps customers improve their business and drive production capacity from the application level

the solution for this publication is a self-developed intelligent customer service platform solution based on the strong technical team of Seven Star blueprint and rich industry experience, which can realize a full-service, full media and full interactive intelligent call center platform. Since February this year, due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, the state has called on enterprises to adopt the cloud office mode as much as possible while resuming work and production. Seven star's intelligent customer service platform solution enables seven star's customers to safely answer and work in the cloud at home during the epidemic. The management can also realize cloud management through the system, making the resumption of work more convenient and efficient, and reducing the risk of infection in the commuting road and the office environment

part I: intelligent outbound call

1. Play voice files after automatic outbound call is connected

2. Connect with enterprise crm/erp and other systems, And it is good to realize dynamic data information through TTS. Polycarbonate plays voice reminders

(1) system function:

a. preview dialing B. automatic outbound call

(2) management function:

a. outbound call task management b. outbound call data management C. report statistics

Part II: intelligent customer service assistance system

when the user gets through the seat, the system can conduct real-time transcription analysis of the received voice information, And the real-time identified predetermined knowledge/scene keywords are displayed on the customer service portal in time. Customer service can click the keywords to make the corresponding knowledge jump. At that time, the knowledge page or business processing page of the knowledge base associated with the knowledge will automatically open

in addition, it can identify and record hot spot keywords, and provide hot spot query and statistics; Identify and record quality inspection keywords during the call, and display real-time emotional information for real-time quality inspection monitoring

(1) system function:

a. voice content transcribing B. push and reminder C. voice analysis

(2) management function:

a. thesaurus management b. seat management before the experiment according to the strike energy requirements C. user management D. system monitoring E. data report F. system management

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