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Seven modes realize ERP system switching

after the system test, Tianjin Chunfa ERP project entered the system switching stage. Tianjin Chunfa project implementation team and Kingdee ERP project members comprehensively considered the implementation schedule, system module selection, business personnel configuration, system data support, node problem feedback, etc. through the project meeting, After repeated exchanges with the key business management and implementation personnel of various departments in the enterprise, the implementation plan and objectives were jointly formulated

split the system to reduce the difficulty

in order to reduce the implementation difficulty of the overall switching, it was unanimously decided to divide the system switching into two parts: financial + logistics system and production and manufacturing system for phased implementation

the reason for this division is that financial data and logistics data are closely related, such as inventory, purchase and other logistics data, which will be reflected in finance. Therefore, it is a more reasonable choice to switch them together

compared with financial data and logistics data, production data is relatively independent, and separate switching will not seriously affect the application effect

the main line work should be launched as soon as possible

the key points should be grasped in the switching stage, first solving the main needs, and then adjusting the end process and implementing the secondary needs. Therefore, the main business must be applied online as soon as possible, such as financial processing. Only when key businesses are operated can the overall implementation progress be promoted

key links must be handled well in the implementation. Most of these key links occur at the node of business connection, which often leads to the interests and workload of various departments and personnel with urea modified phenolic foam, which is easy to cause conflicts and wrangles

communication is particularly important. We should raise the problem to a certain height and analyze it. The essence of conflict and wrangling is the conflict between original responsibilities, rights and interests. It is a problem of business process or business execution. It can be solved by dividing contradictions and meeting discussion

basic data must be accurate

in Chunfa ERP project, because some business operators cannot accurately understand the relationship between business processes and business operations, resulting in the initial stage of system switching, chaotic data processing, high error rate, and inaccurate overall data, which directly affects the accuracy of subsequent business operations

basic data must be fully prepared. Especially for logistics data such as warehousing, after the implementation of ERP system, it is effective and suitable for the safety performance debugging of electronic components, providing reliability experiments, industry selection experiments, etc. at the same time, through this equipment experiment, the reliability of the industry can be improved and the quality control of the industry can be carried out. The fastest thing is the logistics system. If the initial data is inaccurate, it will cause the consequences of labor and reactive power

the data initialization of the logistics system should be detailed and sufficient. The financial management department and the logistics management department of the company can work together to complete the data initialization and inventory, which is conducive to the consistency and accuracy of accounting data after the system docking, and shorten the implementation time

in response to this problem, Chunfa ERP project implementation team adopted the process tracking method to track the business processing process of business operators, and also carried out further on-site training, and conducted spot checks according to the actual situation to solve the problem in time

among them, for sales, procurement, budget, quality management and other data related to business operations (Comprehensive Guangming, people's, Xinhua news agency, etc.), the management means of implementing process control are adopted. In the data resource entry stage, combined with software system early warning control and strict business management, the legitimacy and enforceability of data resources are reviewed and controlled, and the control is moved forward to reduce the impact of invalid data on normal business processes

"team" implementation strategy

the success of ERP system switching is achieved through business operators. It is necessary to eliminate the fear and resistance of personnel, "teaching people to fish is better than teaching people to fish". Employees should feel that they can grow together with the enterprise, so as to realize their personal value

the training of business operators must be in place. If the business department does not clearly define the ERP system business operation process and work content, business process and management process, it will affect the accurate implementation

especially in the special stage of project switching, but through the joint efforts of both parties, the project implementation team must explain each operation process clearly to the business department managers and business operators, and cultivate the business operation principals. Each department has trained 1 ~ 2 business operation backbones, so that they can complete the switching work and carry out basic training for the internal personnel of the Department, so as to expand the implementation team in a snowball way

due to the system switching stage, the original operation of the business department cannot be abandoned, and there are parallel operations of business processing, so the workload of business personnel is quite large. In this difficult implementation stage, we can start with the easy implementation links, use the successful implementation results, encourage the team members, and do a good job in the logistics support of the implementation team, so that the implementation team can worry free and unite to achieve success. (end)

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