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Seven Star Huachuang: fully sharing product data

Company Profile

state owned joint stock company, founded in 2001, is formed by asset restructuring of six electronic enterprises, including 700, 706, 797, 798, 718, 707, of the former Beijing Zhongguancun Electronic City

the registered capital is 74.62 million yuan and the total assets is 340 million yuan; 1163 employees, 407 engineering and technical personnel, accounting for 35% of the total, including 173 personnel in the technology center; In 2005, the sales revenue was nearly 500million yuan

problems and requirements

why do you need management software

zhaodonglin, chief engineer of Seven Star Huachuang electronic automation equipment branch, gave the following reasons:

1. Seven Star Huachuang was established by the excellent assets of six companies, and the informatization progress of each branch was different. The group promoted the informatization process, first selected the electronic automation equipment branch for implementation, and then summarized the experience in auxiliary machinery before promoting it in the group

2. The current informatization level of the branch company belongs to the middle and lower level in the group. The work of drawing board rejection has been completed. The design is limited to the two-dimensional drawing stage, and three-dimensional design has not been adopted. The design means are backward and the error rate is high

3. The design center of the branch company has a complete local network

4. The branch company is gradually improving the standardization of work

5. The product modification rate of branches is high, and there are basically no identical products, so the management of drawings is difficult


why choose CAXA

the reason given by chief engineer Zhao is also very simple:

"First of all, most of our employees are using CAXA design software, which has a good response.

Second, CAXA provides an integrated solution with independent property rights, which is unique. The purpose of our enterprise is the informatization of the whole group, which should be considered comprehensively.

Third, the existing design method is that a project team completes a series of work such as design and process, which requires that a single login can complete multiple tasks, the same as When it comes to the borrowing of design and process drawings, CAXA can meet the requirements. "


according to the situation of the enterprise, seven star Huachuang and CAXA jointly formulated a set of solutions:

the Sales Department accepted the order, and the technology development center was responsible for the design and research and development of products by using electronic drawing boards and physical design, and for the process customization of products by using process charts under the management of the year-on-year decline of nearly 50%, Use the drawing documents to generate various BOM and related data, and transfer them to the production planning department for the purchase of product parts and components and warehouse extraction, and finally to the production department for the production and assembly of products

specific implementation process:

1. A preliminary survey was conducted in August 2004 to compare software suppliers

2. On December 20, 2004, CAXA electronic drawing board enterprise version 26 nodes, physical design 4 nodes, process chart 10 nodes In Section 4 of the process summary, the so-called cold stretching refers to the high polymer under low temperature (amorphous polymers are below Tg.

3. In February 2005, the electronic automation branch sorted out the existing design drawings and process documents, mainly for the early data preparation such as unified templates and unified schedules.

4. In June 2005, it purchased 50 nodes of CAXA drawing and document management, installed software, and carried out the overall training of entity design, process software, and drawing and document software.

5. All new design tasks began in July 2005 All are completed under the management of drawing documents. At the same time, three newly graduated college students will sort out and store the old drawings

6. In November 2005, the warehouse management of common equipment drawings was completed, and the unified management of more than 50 sets of drawings in five categories was realized

now, the main design and process are carried out under the unified management of drawings and documents

income and evaluation

SEBS foaming material will have great advantages

"after the implementation and use of CAXA drawing documents and other CAXA software, our product design, process design and manufacturing work on a unified and collaborative platform. The time of data search is reduced by more than 50%, and the error rate caused by data transmission is reduced by more than 30% Chief engineer Zhao said, "at the same time, it enables upstream enterprises to realize the organization and monitoring of product development projects, and significantly improve the speed of completing customer orders. It is believed that through the full implementation and customization of some systems, CAXA software can fully share product data in the design, process and manufacturing of branches, and help promote the overall informatization of the group." (end)

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