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Seven provinces' joint control and control of haze: false shutdown and real production must be zero tolerance

seven provinces' joint control and control of haze: false shutdown and real production must be zero tolerance

March 1, 2017

[China paint information] this year is the closing year of the national "ten atmosphere", and whether PM2.5 can meet the standard at the end of the year has become a hot topic before the two sessions

in the afternoon of February 28, the ninth meeting of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei and surrounding areas' air pollution prevention and control cooperation group was held. The leaders of Beijing Tianjin Hebei and seven provinces, autonomous regions and cities of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and Henan also preserved their original "memory". Leaders and mayors of major prefecture level cities gathered in Beijing to analyze and judge problems and discuss countermeasures. Chen Jining, Minister of environmental protection, said: since the beginning of this year, air pollution has worsened. The situation is very serious to reach the target of about 60 micrograms per cubic meter of PM2.5 concentration by the end of the year. "At present, the data is still on the safety line. As long as we continue to strengthen our efforts, we are confident to achieve the target."

"heating pollution in winter" becomes the focus

countermeasures: the National Energy Administration launched a new mechanism

in 2013, the State Council issued the action plan for air pollution prevention and control (also known as the "ten articles of the atmosphere") to combat pollution. The "ten articles on the atmosphere" clearly stated that by 2017, the concentration of inhalable particles in cities at and above the prefecture level nationwide will decrease by more than 10% compared with 2012, and the number of excellent days will increase year by year

from 2016, the pollution control effect was obvious before September, but after entering the heating season, the pollution rose sharply, and the haze lingered, such as loading and unloading weights, removing the upper cover, unplugging and plugging cables, and opening the side door for inspection, which was particularly prominent

in 2017, while the measures of "coal control, vehicle control, shutdown, dust reduction and tree planting" in seven provinces, autonomous regions and cities continued to be vigorously promoted, the national energy administration played a new role in the joint prevention and control mechanism. Bai Keli, director of the national energy administration, said that the energy administration, together with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of environmental protection, were starting the preparation of the "winter clean heating plan for the northern region", and nine research groups had completed research throughout the north

according to the introduction, the national energy administration will explore the "coal to gas" gas source and innovate the support mechanism. The first is to clarify the key projects, layout planning and safeguard measures of the "coal to gas" gas source guarantee for clean heating in winter, focusing on 28 cities in the "2+26" air pollution transmission channel in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. At present, special research has been completed. Second, urge the three major oil and gas enterprises to increase the upstream gas supply in the heating season to ensure the gas source. Third, with Hebei Province as the focus, promote the development bank and other financial institutions to increase the financing and preferential credit support of "coal to gas" in key areas

in addition, the "coal to electricity" power distribution in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, where there are stuck lines, will be included in the special transformation this year. Hebei and other regions with serious haze and large-scale geothermal heating and wind power heating development potential have been investigated, and relevant policies to expand the use of renewable energy heating are being studied. Heating pollution in winter will be tackled at the national level, and will be treated from the root

heavy diesel vehicles are major polluters

countermeasures: more coal is transported by railway, less coal is transported by highway

the pollution emission of a heavy diesel vehicle is equivalent to the emission of 100 cars. There are 70000 such passing cars in Beijing and 40000 such coal trucks in Shijiazhuang every day. It was introduced at the meeting that the heavy-duty diesel vehicles in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, equivalent to tens of millions, are an effective, direct and feasible way to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and the emissions of cars

the emission is amazing, but it can't be limited. The Ministry of transport put forward the top-level design at the meeting:

first, formulate special plans to optimize the transportation structure of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and improve the proportion of railway freight; Second, by the end of October this year, the coal transportation in Tianjin Port was adjusted to sea rail combined transportation, and since then, the coal transportation by road will no longer be accepted; Third, support Beijing to implement the restrictions on heavy-duty diesel vehicles on the Sixth Ring Road as soon as possible this year, and guide transit heavy-duty diesel vehicles to bypass

a comrade participating in the meeting told that if Beijing restricts the use of heavy diesel vehicles on the Sixth Ring Road, it should not allow passers-by to be "cornered". It should have an appropriate detour plan, and it should not have too many toll gates, nor let these vehicles lie on the road and become the first in a traffic accident. Therefore, the overall planning of the Ministry of transport is crucial

eight major industries in Beijing, such as public transportation and sanitation, and all new heavy-duty diesel vehicles should "wear masks", that is, install particle traps

"false shutdown and real production" must be zero tolerance

countermeasures: strengthen supervision and make public exposure

before this meeting, the inspectors of the Ministry of environmental protection found that there were "false shutdown and real production" in many places, some of which were shocking and attracted the attention of public opinion

at this meeting, Chen Jining reported the supervision results of one month, and there were a series of problems without hesitation: as of February 27, 18 supervision teams visited and inspected 2152 local governments, relevant departments and enterprises, and 1043 problems were found. The inspectors found that at the district and county levels, the wrong idea of "environmental protection can wait" exists in many places, and the phenomenon of inadequate work implementation is very common. In Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas, many counties and cities are developing their own characteristic industries, among which the addition of small and scattered enterprises is very prominent. These enterprises are usually concentrated at the junction of counties, with simple facilities, low level, large number, and difficult to supervise. These enterprises basically do not have pollution control facilities, and some also put samples on the two supports on the fixed base of the testing machine, which is in vain. The smoke pollution exceeds the standard and is discharged directly, which is very serious

guojinlong, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, is the leader of the coordination group. He said at the meeting that he should make heart to heart contact with the mayors present and talk about political implementation. He stressed that nothing can become an excuse for polluting enterprises to expand production, and must not "accommodate each household and offend thousands of households"

strengthening supervision and public exposure, so that "fake environmental protection" has nowhere to hide, is a priority this year. The Ministry of environmental protection will divide Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas into more than 3200 grids, synchronize satellites with the ground, and refine supervision. Beijing, on the other hand, will follow the central environmental protection supervision model and implement full supervision coverage for the whole city

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