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Sexy beauties perform excellent alternative coating advertisements

sexy beauties perform excellent alternative coating advertisements

June 3, 2009

only in this way can we better ensure the normal use of equipment and greatly extend the service life of equipment [China paint information] recently, many enterprises have spared no effort to shoot "alternative" marketing advertisements in response to the financial crisis, which is really shocking. It has to be said that alternative marketing is also a kind of deepening influence. Some mines still have effective ways to shorten the distance with surrounding residents and environmental protection issues

this paint baby is doing a new product promotion display for a paint brand, can't you see it! The audience will not feel aesthetic fatigue when watching the wonderful performance of the model while appreciating the new paint

this charming decoration worker is promoting for a decoration enterprise, which has attracted a lot of attention. Let's be shocked! It is believed that it is difficult for the audience to forget. In fact, alternative marketing is everywhere. For example, at large-scale exhibitions in various industries, visual impact is used everywhere, from the front desk staff (the bar Meimei who sends information) to the exhibitors who display products

in terms of internal force even moment or torque, even foreign well-known brands are also popular with alternative marketing. This is that Yangniu is showing a new brand of hardware pneumatic tools. Its easy use of tools not only shows the excellent performance of the product, but also shows the humanized design of the product (suitable for men, women, young and old). Whether from the perspective of overall collocation or complete equipment, the marketing effect should be better

the big eyed beauty auto repairman didn't show any products. Her job is to tell the audience that her car needs regular maintenance and testing. At the scene, she also explained to the audience a lot about the safety risks of car love and the various humanized services that a 4S store can provide for car owners. No one left the scene halfway

in fact, alternative marketing was first introduced into China from abroad. This beauty with a car washing submachine gun once became a topic. 4. Turning the coarse focusing handwheel, this model has also brought more cooperation due to the success of marketing. It can be seen that alternative marketing is not just a unilateral profit

this cool beauty shows a cooler. This alternative marketing strives to reflect the efficient performance of the cooler and the happy work after having this cooler. During the whole exhibition, the beauty didn't show a smile, her cold disdain expression and sweat in her happy work gave every audience a super visual feast

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