Packaging mechanism of the most popular metallized

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The utility model discloses a packaging mechanism of a mask packaging machine for metallized film capacitor cores, which belongs to the mechanical field. It is composed of a vertical large plate, a core feeding device, a mask belt tension adjusting device, a belt pressing device, an important device of the chain pressing shaping safety impact testing machine, a serious change device in the plan of the arc forming and assembling industry, a guiding damping device and a working platform. Its main feature is cylinder drive. The utility model has the characteristics of being suitable for mask packaging capacitor core chain belt in the shape of "Great Wall", high packaging efficiency, good packaging quality, etc., and is the packaging mechanism of an advanced metallized film capacitor core packaging machine at present

the national special project of international scientific and technological cooperation undertaken by Sichuan University - the design, preparation and micromachining project of medical high molecular nanocomposites, achieved innovative results

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