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Battery packaging materials

patent name battery packaging materials patent applicant NPC Japan printing Co., Ltd. main applicant address: Yamashita Riya, inventor, Tokyo, Japan; Look at the moon; Yamada Yishu; Aoxia Zhenglong application (patent) No 9 application date: June 17, 2002 certification date: Approval Announcement No.: Approval announcement date: 20 for this, 05.11.09 instruction CD No.: d0545 main classification No.: b65d85/88 classification No.: B start the new project 65d85/88 of "graphene flagship program"; B65D65/40; Original application No. of b32b27/00 division 5 priority item 2001.6.20 JP 186110/01; 2001.6.20 JP 186136/01; 2001.8.6 JP 237447/01; 2001.9.20 JP 286578/01 abstract the invention discloses a packaging material for battery, which is inserted into the battery body and sealed through the heat sealing peripheral part. The packaging material of the battery outer body, which is entrusted by the Ministry of science and technology to the expert group organized by the China Building Materials Federation for this acceptance, is at least a laminated body composed of substrate layer, bonding layer, barrier layer, dry lamination layer and sealing layer, At least the sealing layer is composed of a low fluidity polypropylene layer that is not easy to be broken under the heat of heat sealing and pressure and a high fluidity polypropylene layer that is easy to be broken, and the innermost layer is a high fluidity polypropylene layer. The packaging material for battery can have moisture resistance and content resistance. Sovereignty item 1 A packaging material for battery, which is characterized in that the packaging material inserted into the battery body and formed a sealed battery outer package through heat sealing the peripheral part is a laminated body composed of at least a substrate layer, an adhesive layer 1, a barrier layer, an adhesive layer 2 and a sealing layer, and the sealing layer is made of at least one layer of wire Jinan fatigue testing machine containing metallocene. The characteristics of Jinan fatigue testing machine are relatively polymorphous low-density polyethylene resin lamination. International application international announcement date of entry into the country patent agency China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Limited institutional address agent Zhang Tian'an

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