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With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, the packaging of some toxic and corrosive chemicals has attracted widespread attention. Recently, a kind of packaging accident called chromic anhydride product occurred frequently, and the voice for the improvement of the product packaging is also increasingly strong

chromic anhydride, also known as chromium trioxide, is purple flake. It is strongly oxidizing, easy to deliquescence, corrosive and toxic. It dissolves in water to form chromic acid, which may explode in contact with reducing agent, and may burn in contact with organic matter. The product is usually packed in 50kg steel drums for a few charging. Recently, in order to reduce the packaging cost, a few chemical enterprises have used ordinary plastic woven bags to pack chromic acid, regardless of the serious consequences of packaging damage, accounting for 50% of the whole chromic acid packaging. Recently, there have been a large number of farmland pollution accidents caused by the leakage of plastic woven bag packaging, so as to avoid large losses caused by the loosening of fasteners, which not only caused economic losses, but also brought serious environmental pollution. Even steel drum packaging has many hidden dangers in recent years. The residues in the drum are not easy to clean, and it is very easy to bring serious pollution consequences when recycling

in view of the above problems, insiders pointed out that plastic bag packaging must be resolutely banned, and steel drum packaging also needs to be improved. It is reported that foreign countries have developed a 50kg and 25kg flexible packaging bag that can replace steel drums to pack chromic anhydride. This kind of packing bag has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, moisture resistance, high strength, environmental protection and low cost. Chinese enterprises urgently need to improve the current packaging technology, strengthen the development of new flexible packaging bags, and minimize the packaging pollution of chromic anhydride

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