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Analysis and troubleshooting of common paper feeding dirt faults (I)

nowadays, there are many types of laser printers, but their working principle and materials are basically the same, so the problem of paper feeding dirt is basically similar. The treatment and solution methods can be used on most laser printers. Now take Canon BX Ⅱ (or HP 4vc) laser printer, which is widely used in the printing industry, as the main example to describe this problem and its solutions

for the problem of dirty paper feeding, there are many reasons for this problem. We should make a specific analysis of the specific situation, and then "prescribe the right medicine" to "cure the disease"

problem 1: the output pattern is intact on the front, but dirty on the back

analysis: Generally speaking, this situation has nothing to do with the laser printer itself. The main reason is that the cleaning of the printer is not done well. According to IKv, waste powder is sprinkled on the rotating rollers and passages of various parts on the paper conveying channel. If the back is dirty as a whole, it is very regular and uniform. This is caused by the fact that the photosensitive drum leaks powder and contaminates the rotating rollers in contact with it, so that the rotating rollers are evenly stained with a layer of waste powder, and when the paper passes by, these waste powders return to the back of the paper. If there are irregular and uneven dirty spots or dirty blocks on the back, it may be that the path of the printer is full of waste powder. When the paper passes, these waste powder will stick to the back of the paper. Because its waste powder is not transferred on the roller, but on the path, it will not be uniformly transferred to the output paper, forming irregular dirty spots or dirty blocks. In fact, this kind of fault can be solved as long as we thoroughly clean the laser printer and wipe the rotating rollers and channels with cotton dipped in alcohol. However, it should be noted that one of the reasons for this problem is that we don't develop the habit of regular maintenance and cleaning when using it. As long as we pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times. However, if there is such a problem soon after cleaning, other factors should be considered. This is the fault to be discussed below

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