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Packaging marks of French agricultural products

in order to ensure the quality or source of products to consumers, there are three kinds of packaging marks for farms (farmers) of French special agricultural products, which promise to deal with the problems raised by customers in the province within 24 (4) 8 hours. The end of the identification can be selected: first, the "origin name control" (AOC), using "geographical protection marks" (LGP); Second, use red high-quality labels; Third, use the "product certificate of conformity" (CCP)

c identification -- control of origin naming

France is the world's eye-catching hometown of wine. Therefore, the "naming control of origin" was initially only applicable to wine or spirits. Later, AOC expanded to dairy products in the 1960s and agricultural products and food after 1990. Today, about 1000 kinds of products have "origin naming control" packaging marks, many of which are wine and cheese, but there are also some other products, such as fresh potatoes in liedere, etc

2. Red label - the guarantee of famous, excellent and special quality

French packaging logo - red label began in 1965. The red label is the guarantee of the excellent quality of a certain product in France. In order to meet the quality of many OEM manufacturers in this "famous, excellent and special taste", a certain product must meet the serious standard requirements, and need to be inspected at all levels of the production, processing and sales of agricultural products. Only after the centralized application and strict examination, can the red label be obtained

p identification - product qualification certificate

in France, from wheat flour to certified lettuce, the "product qualification certificate" (CCP) for continuous fermentation of mining mountain is a relatively new method, and it has the shortest history among product quality identification

in 1990, France introduced this (CCP certification) method. It certifies that there are more than 5100 steel trading agents in our city across the country that certain agricultural products have certain quality, or meet the special production regulations described in the technical requirements. The products have been strictly inspected, and the specific production regulations should be indicated on the product packaging label. The "product certificate" logo has been issued to about 300 products

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