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Major industrial projects launched by local governments to promote steady industrial growth

Guide: industrial economy is the most important part of most local economies at present. The most important point of steady economic growth is steady industrial growth. In the context of the current decline in economic growth, industrial projects, especially major industrial projects, are becoming an important part of a new round of steady growth

industrial economy is the most important component of most local economies at present. The micro Vickers hardness test is mainly used for the research of metallurgy and metallography. The steady growth of economy, a very important point is the steady growth of industry. In the context of the current decline in economic growth, industrial projects, especially major industrial projects, are becoming an important part of a new round of steady growth

On the morning of the 12th, the Samsung high-end memory chip project, known as the largest single foreign investment project in China in the 34 years of reform and opening up, with an investment of US $7billion in the first phase, officially commenced in Xi'an high tech Zone

Wu Gang, deputy director of the Economic Research Institute of Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed that as a high-end project, Xi'an Samsung project is large. In addition to the direct benefits of Taxation and employment, it can also drive the development of hundreds of upstream and downstream enterprises supporting it, and form an output value of hundreds of billions internationally

in addition to Samsung projects, major industrial projects such as Johnson & Johnson and Shenhua Dow are also being promoted in Shaanxi. On April 27 this year, the Shaanxi provincial government and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council held the signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation and the launching ceremony of the development activities of central enterprises in Shaanxi in Beijing. There are 37 central enterprises, including 206 large projects, with a total planned investment of more than 700billion yuan. Among them, the project involves energy, chemical industry, Seiko, equipment manufacturing. This time, we share the electronic information of factors that need to be considered in the protection, maintenance and selection of material change experimental machine

not only the central and western regions, but also the coastal areas are striving for large projects. From September 9 to 11, Guangzhou took advantage of the stable and reliable performance of the National Working Conference on the export of large complete sets of equipment held by the Ministry of Commerce to hold a trip to Yangcheng for 100 well-known enterprises with new business opportunities in new Guangzhou, made specific recommendations to 21 key enterprises, and signed contracts with 12, with a contract amount of 45billion

the head of a Guangzhou company of a central enterprise said that in the new round of steady growth of the country, trillions of infrastructure projects have been launched. The settlement of central enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry in Guangdong can enable Guangdong, which was originally dominated by light industry, to take a share in the new round of infrastructure investment, and also make the overall industrial structure of Guangdong more reasonable

Ding Changfa, associate professor of economics at Xiamen University, pointed out that under the circumstances of blocked foreign trade exports and limited short-term expansion of domestic demand, the important driving force for stable growth comes from investment. Investment mainly includes infrastructure and industry, and infrastructure is more dependent on local finance. Under the circumstances of local financial constraints, the industrial economy with enterprise investment as the main body, especially the launch of major industrial projects, has become the first choice

Wu Gang also believes that the settlement of major industrial projects is an effective measure to alleviate the pressure of local funds and boost the economy, while local finance mainly focuses on building industrial parks and basic supporting facilities, with enterprises as the main body, which also drives the public leverage of our finance. It used to build nests to attract Phoenix, but now it is to build nests for Phoenix, which will be more targeted and the investment benefit of public finance will be more obvious

many projects are in danger of overcapacity

under the keynote of stable growth, local governments have also introduced measures to promote industrial economic growth. For example, Chongqing announced the three-year revitalization plan for major industries in the industrial field in August. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the city's industry will invest a total of 1.5 trillion yuan, build seven hundred billion level industrial clusters and 30 ten billion level industrial clusters, and the total industrial output value will exceed 3trillion yuan

the opinions on establishing a land security mechanism for major industrial projects issued by Zhejiang Province in August requires all counties (cities, districts) to promote the secondary development and approval of inefficient land use without land digestion and support the construction of major industrial projects in the province

the measures announced by Heilongjiang to promote the steady growth of industrial economy also include four core contents, including supporting enterprises to increase production, helping enterprises expand markets, alleviating enterprise capital problems, and reducing enterprise burden

however, according to Cheng Jiansan, director of the Pearl River Regional Economic Research Center of the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, a major problem facing the industrial economy at present is overcapacity. External demand has declined, and domestic demand has not expanded much, but our capacity for both external and domestic demand is large. At present, the price of raw materials such as steel has fallen to a low level, indicating that the demand side is not good, and industrial capacity is surplus. Cheng Jiansan said that although many large-scale industrial projects in many places have obvious effects on stable growth in the short term, some projects do have large market demand, but many projects are in danger of overcapacity

experts pointed out that the development of industrial economy should pay more attention to the quality of economic growth and avoid blind investment. Compared with the increment of industrial economy, the quality of industry is more important. It is urgent to speed up the transformation and upgrading of industrial economy and structural adjustment

in this regard, many provinces, including Guangdong and Fujian, are accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industrial technology. For example, Fujian Province plans to complete a total of 1.4 trillion yuan of investment in technological transformation during the 12th Five Year Plan period, of which 200billion yuan and 260billion yuan were completed in 2012 and 2013 respectively (from all aspects of the province)

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