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Realize our creative value and services with interconnection

for painters, writers, photographers or other people engaged in creative work, eight hours away is also their harvest season. However, only a few of them can get the patronage of the God of luck and find a job that can be completed at home, which is highly paid and enough to support the whole person or the company, while most of them have to deal with all kinds of bills, maintain creativity, or buy the latest creative tools. They are also called freelancers or "SOHO" people, sometimes called "Freedom Riders"

the word "freedom Knight" comes from the middle ages, when Knights fought for their employers with their swords and horses, and then received a reward. This reward is often a title, a feast, or even an opportunity to meet the women around the employer. Today, "bayonet" has become intelligence, "Duel" has also become one way or another of economic gain

some people who call themselves pure "artists" can't escape the fate of struggling to make a living anyway. They work for various catalogues and magazines and sell their works. Although these "battles" are no longer bloody, they are still as unfortunate as the knights in the past, and what they get is only a small part of the value we create

however, the emergence of interconnection and e-commerce has almost completely changed everything. Anyone has potential profit opportunities, from which he can obtain most of the created value, even if he cannot obtain it completely

two ways to realize value

fundamentally speaking, there are two ways to sell people's wisdom on the Internet: one is to calculate people's labor by hours, and the other is to sell our digital achievements (also known as intellectual property, or create value)

the success of the first way depends more or less on one's ability and patience. The second way gives people a chance to earn surplus value. Once they finish their creation, they can sell it again and again to obtain permanent "profits". Font designers can sell their artistic fonts; Artists can sell their works of art; Photo 1 Universal experimental machine appears random error, photographers sell their photographic photos; Writers can also sell their manuscripts. Although this method will not make people become millionaires, it can make them live a comfortable life and no longer have to struggle for survival

sell labor by hour

for those who want to sell their intelligence, Internet provides them with a huge potential user base. If you have a station, it means that you have a virtual world. People everywhere can see your works through the Internet

however, how to let others know the existence of your works is a difficult problem to solve. There are also some methods, but they all seem to be useless. Whether it is meaningful to publish your own information in the free directory is controversial. Many painters and photographers have painstakingly published their works in those so-called art databases to show their abilities, contact addresses and other contents, but few people have received replies. The main reason is that the people who make these catalogs are trying to sell themselves, not their content. So if you want to pay some search engines and hope to link customers to you through them, I'm afraid it's also a dream like a moon in the water

in fact, looking at those who have had successful experience in online works, we can find that their achievements are still achieved through the traditional practice: work for free for the company they like, and then introduce your works to some related companies through them. This can be more useful than any link or search engine. What's more, some people work for the Internet company for free in exchange for the right to advertise at the company's website. Remember, unless you are doing page design, you can only be a local artist, and the market is limited to a small area. Networking is just one of many ways to promote yourself, not the only way. There is a question to remind you: don't use spam to promote your own business, which will only backfire, and people usually hate it

in addition, sell digital products. This method will make you one of the most successful stories of interconnection

the emergence of digital products

creation is also a value, and this concept should have a long history. Look at the animation and television production industry, and you will understand what creative value is. When we produce a TV series (whether it is good or bad first), we can constantly sell its copies, sell copyrights, and carry out other forms of commercial utilization, and then cut it until it can no longer be used

now, artists find that their works can be converted into digital goods. From best sellers, exquisite works of art to various photo collections. All these things can be made into VCDs, DVDs, or quickly spread through the Internet

publishers of various magazines also suddenly found that their products, whether general articles, literary reviews, reviews, can easily become digital products on the Internet. If you want to get an article in time magazine in 1970, you can customize various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS according to domestic and international standards provided by users, such as "man of the year", you will find that you can get it effortlessly on. If you like, you can also copy or use it. Of course, all this should be research behavior that is not for profit. Another sensitive issue arising from this is how authors or artists define and protect intellectual property rights under this new form

at least one well-known publisher has been sued because writers believe that publishers publish their works in other ways without permission. Publishers believe that publishing on the Internet is just two ways of expressing the same publishing form, but it is equivalent to reprinting. Writers don't think so. They think there is an essential difference. The focus of the problem is clear: if allowed, publishers can publish works in various forms without paying an extra penny to its original author. Therefore, in future contracts, writers should pay more attention to how publishers will use their works, rather than paying out at one time

what is product digitalization? What is the significance? This is all inclusive. For example, if you have written an article (whether fictional or factual) and published it in a journal, you can continue to publish it in the form of electronic works. You can convert your works into digital products or incorporate them into your entire collection of works. Through the Internet, you can sell one or the whole work to make a profit. Similarly, font design works, picture albums, abstracts, secrets of video games, operation manuals of popular software, and even the software itself can adopt this method for digital sales of products

the multiple sales of digital goods have benefited some businesses. For example, photodisc company (), one of the famous electronic sellers on the Internet, allows users to search, find, copy, download or buy pictures on its address, 365 days a year, without interruption

CompuServe has made great achievements in computer software sales. After the software writers signed and agreed, CompuServe put their software into the database (CompuServe libararies) for everyone to download. If users are willing, they can purchase products directly through the system provided by CompuServe and get the decryption key. At present, this method is becoming more and more popular, because many computer users have become potential consumers

Kagi company () adopts another sales method. They have been serving developers of shared software. People can download their products for free through the Internet, and then pay through Kagi. With the expansion of business, Kagi has turned to providing a variety of digital services with 1250 mesh of other powders. In the past two years, such companies have really come into being

service providers

there are many aspects that need attention when selling digital goods. For example, what measures should be taken to let as many people visit your address as possible, and how to avoid losses in the form of payment before delivery. I don't want to tempt you to register your own company here. I'll introduce you to how to apply for a license, how to pay taxes, and so on. I can give you another option, let the service provider (SP) complete this kind of work for you. Suppose you are a full-time staff, spare time to design a very beautiful font. You can't and don't have time to work like a freelancer. It is the best choice to cooperate with service providers. Service providers can complete all kinds of cumbersome procedures for you, such as paying taxes, handling credit card payments, sending goods and so on, which are inevitable in starting a company. You just have to pay income tax on time (usually monthly). After deducting other fees, service providers usually charge 10-15% of the sales profit as service fees

usually, the process of cooperation is like this: you have a station responsible for promoting and displaying your works, such as a set of font, etc. You link your site to a link to find all kinds of fonts. Links can be on other stations. A visitor came to your site and decided to buy something. Then you connect it to the service provider's station, and the service provider provides a safe service channel for buyers to buy your products. After he fills in the form, credit card number and other relevant information as required, the information enters the processing system. If everything is OK, buyers will be connected to an address where they can download the fonts they need to buy

companies with similar services include Kagi, digital river() and cybersource(). Some of these companies will also require you to sign a full agency contract, stipulating that you are not allowed to buy or sell your works by other electronic means. Before signing this kind of contract, you should pay special attention to the restrictive clauses, and you should also pay attention to deleting the items that will cause disputes between you and the service provider

different from the above companies, some companies handle credit cards and products through e-mail. Generally, they don't sign a contract of full agency with you. Such companies include mindstock () (mainly photographic pictures), fontropolis () (various fonts) and digitalauthor () (selling books in PFD format and translating them for free), etc

if you have a large number of art works to sell, it is best to adopt another way of combining digital printing with e-commerce. For example, MediaFlex Inc., located in Santa Clare, provides such clothing experimental equipment with up-down stretching fixtures. It can handle payment matters. After the customer adds a table, the company can then send the customized printed matter. The size of the printed picture is about 5 × 7 inches to 24 × Between 36 inches, the price ranges from 19.95 to 99.95 dollars

brian bonislawsky has built a website to sell all kinds of font designs. Previously, you can only collect payment by e-mail

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