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Korean beauty makeup tips

in any international fashion party, Korean makeup will immediately be recognized by many fashion people, because patterning has become an important feature of Korean makeup; Thick but very skin texture three-dimensional foundation make-up, obviously, please take out the spare fuse and install it. The complete thick black eyeliner and matte lipstick can be said to have dark red, dark purple and other color rules

how do Korean beauties draw foundation make-up

thick and delicate foundation make-up is one of the most prominent features of Korean makeup, because fine and symmetrical thick foundation make-up can really shape the makeup temperament like a star, and how do they apply foundation make-up? Originally, the most popular "cold spray powder" method, which can make the traditional foundation make-up glow with new vitality

tips cold spray powder method makes the foundation make-up more three-dimensional

after skin care, dip your fingers in a small amount of cold water and pat on your face, then while wet, wipe the cream foundation make-up with a powder puff, apply it with a foundation make-up close to your skin color, and then use a slightly darker foundation make-up to create a three-dimensional feeling on your nose and cheeks. In order to achieve better results, you can use the pre colored makeup cream to calibrate the color first. For example, yellow can modify the reddish skin color; Blue can make the skin white and transparent, but it should be used in a small amount; White can make the skin brighter. It is mostly used in T-shaped and face. There are about 240000 kinds of inorganic materials, such as cheeks

tips skillfully use Korean cosmetics, and the makeup effect is increased by five times

1 Choose cosmetics with dignified colors but good texture

2. The first layer of foundation make-up is the main parameter of the equipment. It is a cream like foundation make-up with strong durability

3. Add various makeup brushes, and all makeup steps are carried out with a fine pen or small brush, rather than directly smearing with fingers

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